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  • Rover Turbo Coupe / Xbox-Linux

    Hey folks, first time here on the forums!

    Some of you may have seen my install before, but if you haven't, then let me start at the beginning.

    I was the first person to do an Xbox-Linux in-car media system, at about the back end of 2002/first few months of 2003. This setup was featured on numerous web sites, even Slashdot, and has also appeared in the computer game mag 'Edge'.

    The Xbox has a mod-chip (it was before the time of the software hack) and an upgraded 40Gb disk. It boots straight into Linux and so needs no controller plugged in to select from a menu.

    The o/s is Debian, with a heavily cut down set of rc. scripts - from power on to useable screen is about 30-40 seconds, that includes the swirly xbox logo thing. The Xbox is powered by a simple 300w invertor, conencted directly to the battery rather than the accesory line. I've wired a remote wire to the power button on the Xbox so I can turn it on and off remotely.

    The interface is the excellent Freevo multimedia system, using mplayer to playback divx, avi and mpeg/mpeg3, and XMAME and ZSNES for video games.

    I spliced a USB port onto an Xbox extension cable and plugged in a wireless Logitech pad that I use to control the system. The reciever sits down where cassette tapes would normally be.

    A/V side of things is handled by a Pioneer AVHP6400 6.5" motorised in-dash widescreen display, some nice Infinity components, 6 disc changer and fairly-ok Pioneer 3-ways in the back.

    Anyway, the site gives a lot more info and is at

    The reason for the posting is that the car has now been sold :-(

    But I took out all the A/V goodies before and am now preparing to put them in my new car... a Supra Twin Turbo :-D

    So, hopefully I'll get a lot more pics of the Supra install in the next month or two - I might make a few changes here and there... perhaps a hardwired pioneer remote into the Xbox (I have several and would prefer the 'stealth' look inside the lift-up centre console panel for example, rather than a numb joypad), rather than the joypad as i hardly ever use the games side of Freevo. Plus the Supra has another 12disc Pioneer changer, DVD satnav (satnav not-working in the UK :-( and a MD/CD head unit to network into the Pioneer A/V head unit from the previous install.... that will be fun...

    Stuff to get installed:
    AVHP6400 widescreen reciever/tuner/amp
    CDXP630S 6-disc
    Jap CDXP1250 12-DISC
    Jap AVIC9 dvd-navigation (no UK map disc produced... to be kept for dvd video function)
    Jap MEHP9200MD/CD head unit (to be kept for MD/Single slot cd functions)
    Infinity Components

    Stuff I need:
    Suitable amp for the components
    Set of 6.5" rear speakers to run from the head unit


    -= Supra Twin Turbo MK4
    -= Lotus 7 replica
    -= Escort MK1 with 2.0 16v XE
    -= Xbox-Linux-in-car-system (v1)
    -= EspressoPC, 256Mb, 40Gb, WinXP (v2)
    -= Pioneer AVHP6400 6.5" headunit, MEHP9100 MD/CD, CDXP1230, Infinity Reference 605cs/6502i & 2x RA7502

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    just one thing

    i have 1600 coupe' and 2000 coupe' , 2 car of the same model, perhaps i'm creazy but i love this car!!!