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Isuzu Amigo 99

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  • Isuzu Amigo 99

    Installed in 2 days :-) (hate driling)...still waiting for more stuff to come:
    OBDII Scantool ELM version (prolly write some VB and Flash Embed Visual meters) .... DeLorme USB GPS... Infrared USB Cam ... USB 2.0 Hub ....more pix to come ...
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    Is that a packet of condoms next to the shifter?

    We have it people, proof that car computers will get you laid!

    Nice setup man ;o)
    [Insert witty comment here]


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      I think that's a pack of smokes man.
      - Sony XAV-7W In-Dash 7" LCD
      - Via EPIA 800MHz
      - 256MB SDRAM
      - 40GB HDD
      - Targus Wireless Remote
      - Win 98SE
      See it Here
      or Here (


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        That's a pack of Salem's
        [H]4 Life
        My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
        It will be done sometime in the next generation.
        I'm a lesbian too.
        I am for hire!


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          Really? It's not a pack of condoms?? No way man ... You couldn't fool these guys, not on the foolingest day of the year with an electricified fooling machine ;o)
          [Insert witty comment here]


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            it was funnier when it was a pack of condoms.

            How do you like your amigo? I had a 91 and it was a piece of shiaaat.


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              new installs and... condoms info

              NovaKane: yeah it's alrite .... 130K Miles w/o any problem so far... ur aimgo 91 sucked cuz they didnt make V6 til later.

              Well can use your car computer to get some free condoms...if you didnt already have some in your car ..

              2 X 700 Watts

              New installs in the back: USB 1.1 hub, Wi-Fi, Derlome GPS (locks on sats' in 30 secs ) ...
              To be done: USB 2 hub ...USB 2 enclosure for DVD drive....OBDII...and might lower the Sony receiver to install the screen in-dash... for now im not ready to give up my instant music yet :-)