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now you see it now you dont 97 yukon install

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  • now you see it now you dont 97 yukon install

    Here are some pics I took today. The install is not complete but i just had to post what I had since i have my new camera. The custom center console holds a 15" LCD touchscreen. It is motorized and can either be brought out by a switch or when the ignition is turned on.

    If you notice there is a differant image on each screen. The drivers side headrest is showing the XBox, passenger side is showing road trip, the passenger visor is showing office space and then the LCD in showing my GPS software.

    I can control what input goes to each monitor and each of the rear monitors have there own head phones. The front is showing the DVDrom output and that also has a seperate audio input than the PC itself but can also be outputed though the pc.

    Everything but the rear monitors can be out of sight. the PC itself is installed in the rear covered by a storage self. the monitor hides at the push of a button or when i turn the PC off.

    once I clean up the install I will post pictures of the computer and other componenets.

    The system includes:
    AMD athlon 2400xp
    120Gig 7200 rpm hard drive
    DVDrom (going to be routed up from but have not had the time)
    512meg ram
    GeForce4 ti4600 video card
    Belkin Wi-Fi card
    3com ethernet card (for Xbox live)
    Earthmate GPS
    USB backup camera
    hauppauge tv\fm card
    cellular internet connection
    usb mini mouse and usb mini keyboard
    150 watt power supply
    USB hub powered by the 5v rail

    non computer stuff are a 12v DVD player 6 input/6 output audio video switching system. RF headphone system with 200' foot range. 600 watt inverter. Sirius Satellite radio.

    Future up dates include relocating the DVD rom up front. 2 more 10-15" LCD displays for the cargo area for when I am tailgating. getting a smaller case and DC-DC power supply and downgrading the inverter to 200 watts since it will ony have to power the Xbox and some other small stuff.

    feedback would be helpfull.
    Thanks for the look.

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    Wow, very nice specs (and install IMHO) off of a 150w PS. Is the system stable for you with everything running?
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      I have never had a problem with the power supply. I have however had problems with a 400 watt inverter when I had the PC and Xbox and the USB hub all plugged in at once. If the truck was idle more than 5 minutes the computer would reboot. Once I turned the Xbox off there was no problem. that is when i got the 600 watt inverter and have not had a problem since


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        How do the wireless RF headphones work for you? Do you have a pair for all of your screens. I had some RF phones in my wifes car, but was disappointed with the sound quality/performance and switched to IR based headphones. What brand of 6 in/ 6 out av switcher are you using? I can't remember what I put in my wifes, but do remember it was only a 4 in/4 out-I think that its causing problems. The video/audio quality deteriorates after about 30 minutes to an hour. I like the motorized 15" lcd that's very sweet. Nice setup!
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          the RF headphones work great. once you get them you have to tune them and once i did that i have not had a problem. Both the switching system and the headphones are made by farenheit/power acoustik.


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            The custom center console, did you make it yourself or is there a place where it can be ordered? thanks.
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              did it myself. was very easy. I just made a cardboard template of the sides. traced it on some 1/4 inch plywood. cut it out and put a 1/4 inch piece on top. fiberglassed the front to seal the unit and then cut out for the center console. There are a few braces that go along the bottom and just below where the monitor sits. Glassed the whole outside for extra measure and then filled it and spot putty and bam done.

              Making the console only took 2 days. Making the motorized inners was the hard part and will be redoing it soon. I figured out a better way to get the screen to raise other than springs.


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                15" in the dash, omg!
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                  That's a very nice install. You've got more screens than a local pub!

                  Speaking of screens, what make and model is that 15"? How did you power it?
                  Is it bright enough for daytime use?

                  Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see it finished.

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                    the one in the console is a kogi. Right now it is hooked back up to the inverter but i have had it running off of the pc power supply. I have yet to have a problem with it in the day time. At night it can get a little bright. I think i a going to try what someone said in another about dimming the backlight. I am going to concentrate more on the install first and get everything finalized then worry about the backlight


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                      how do you control what goes to each screen?

                      i am interested in doing something like that but i am not sure how to hook up that many lcd's or control what goes to each one


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                        I have a 6in/6out Audio/Video switching system. everything has a composite out that goes into the switching system. The PC video card has a s-video-composite out. the TV/FM card has composite in. This way I can display the PC on any screen and any other device on the PC.

                        The switching system has a IR remote. you select what monitor you want to change and then scroll through the inputs


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                          I have added a bunch of stuff and will be updating the pics soon


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                            i have put the pics back up for the people that has been asking for them.


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                              loooks tight the headrest monitors are too small tho