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  • Lekan's Ford Escape 2005 - CarPC

    Lekan's Ford Escape 2005 - CarPuter

    I all... I have added some new goodies to my system and wanted to share!
    I have added a Rear view camera, rear view mirror monitor and a second touch screen monitor. (I have yet to try to get the dual-touch screen working simultaneously - the goal though is to give the driver and passengers in the rear the ability to control the pc).

    Click here to see the complete specs and pictures of the complete setup.

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    Looks great! How is that power supply working out for you?


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      Nice setup and welcome to the boards. First post and already bringing over some goodies. I, on the other hand, am still here w/ no system.

      One day it will be complete.....
      - 3+ years & still no carputer!
      - Done collecting parts
      - Currently planning setup


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        I like the cardboard part of the case Very nice install.

        Mitokondria- I hear yah, I've been a lurker for awhile and recently started posting. Although I am aiming for a some-what complete system by the start of summer.


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          Have any more pics?

          J/K Looks good!


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            Hi all... thanks for the great comments. I have learned sooo much from others while I lurked and now I finally have a complete system. It took me about six months of research and then a month of actually collecting parts and building the system.

            Nico3k: The power supply is GREAT! - I have the PW70A and am very happy with it. It can get a little warm, but the fans I have in the back of the case counter that. Also, I was more interrested in a compact case than more power.

            eCar: I have more/larger pics on my personal site: - I have also attempted to describe what I am trying to show in the photo. I will include links to my hardware/software sources this weekend. This may be useful for some since I bought all the parts within the last 30 days.

            Thanks all.


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              website isn't working


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                Probably because this was posted two years ago?
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                  I am betting that might have something to do with it
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