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2004 Saturn Ion Sedan

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  • 2004 Saturn Ion Sedan

    My Setup:

    2004 Saturn Ion 1 Sedan, 5-spd auto, 140 HP 2.2L Ecotec

    Junk in the Trunk (UPDATED!):

    Via Mini-ITX Motherboard with 1GHz C3 processor
    512MB DDR RAM
    90 Watt M1-ATx Power supply/sequencer
    Copilot 8 software and reciever (reciever works _inside_ car, thank goodness)
    Slim-line dvd-cdrw drive
    USB hookup for phone (not working yet)
    Casetronics mini-itx case (no more handbuilt plexi-crap case!)
    Speakers and AMP:

    400 Watt Four-Channel Pioneer AMP
    4x 100 Watt Rockfor-Fosgate Three-Way Speakers
    Other Items:
    Display: 7" Lilliput Touch Screen
    The display is mounted sortof flush with the dash. I used a pair of metal shears to get a rough cut of a hole where the lcd will sit, then I used epoxy to fill in the gaps. After a ton of sanding, I painted the dash piece with a can of satin black spray paint.

    Future Mods
    Subs, Box and AMP
    ODBII USB cable
    FM Tuner?
    TV Tuner?

    More Pics:
    Southpark on the touch screen

    GPS Reciever on the rear window

    Valet switch to force the computer off on car startup

    6.5" Rockford-Fosgate in the door

    Junk in the Trunk
    Need to take a pic of the new setup

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    Just like I said over @ saturnfans.... Looks Great! Someday I'll be in a position to get a setup goin in mine. That double din opening just begs for a screen!


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      Curious...hows the GPS handling while being exposed to the elements? And paint? (Planning on dying mine) Otherwise great install!!!
      - 3+ years & still no carputer!
      - Done collecting parts
      - Currently planning setup


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        Originally posted by Mitokondria
        Curious...hows the GPS handling while being exposed to the elements? And paint? (Planning on dying mine) Otherwise great install!!!
        Hmm, well, I just took the car through the car wash today and the gps reciever got a little funky. I'm not sure whether that is from the car wash or not though because I have been having a lot of issues with the com-port driver it uses. I also was careful to seal around the gps reciever with hot glue, but that may not be the best material for the job. The problem seems to have cleared up now, but it's been a little flaky ever since I got it.

        The paint doesn't seem to affect the signal at all. I actually used black engine enamel to paint it. I tested its conductivity by spraying a pool and sticking my multimeter leads into it. As long as the paint doesn't conduct electricity, the signal should get through just fine.


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          The old ITPS and snap on iTuner power supply were far too unreliable and eventually failed on me. I think this may have something to do with the electric power-assist in the car. Also, The case I built for the computer was rather poor, causing the motherboard and hard drive to over-heat in the summer.

          I ordered a new EPIA M10000 motherboard, casetronics case and the M1-ATX power supply. These should fix a few problems. I also didn't like my old gps software (mappoint or the other one...), so I splurged and got some decent stuff: Copilot 8. I also got a slim dvd drive for the itx case.

          I'm pretty excited about getting my carpc up and running after so long. It's been out of commision for a several months now. I'll post once I get and install the new stuffs.


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            Yeah, another Saturn install Way to go!
            00 Saturn SL2, boosted @ 8 psi - CarDomain
            Newest install - my quickest ever
            My 2nd carputer - b4 I broke the touchscreen
            My very first carputer - voted the most ghetto


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              up and running again!

              I got the new computer up and running and everything setup. It works far better than it ever did. I'm very glad I got some decent parts. I'm especially impressed with the M1-ATX power supply. It's able to keep the carputer up and running if it's on before I start my car. Anyways, It's working great, frodoplayer 1.09-take3 rules, copilot 8 is the shiznite and i'm ready for a road trip.