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2001 Audi S4 COMPLETE!

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  • 2001 Audi S4 COMPLETE!

    Some nice shots of the finished installation:

    To make a very long, involved story short - what we did was this:
    Removed the stock head unit completely, it was the BOSE premium sound Symphony II. Removed it's "faceplate" and dremeled out all of the buttons, leaving just the frame.
    Once this was done, the Liliput 7" Touch screen was fitted inside, and bondo'ed into place (Plexiglas was used to make a type of "well" for it to sit)

    One of the BIGGEST problems was that the touch screen itself fit perfectly, but left essentially no room for the unit's IR receiver / button board. The bottom half of the casing for the Liliput was dremeled off, leaving just the frame for the LCD itself and nothing more.

    Days and days of applying more Bondo and sanding defiantly gave the effect we were looking for, but left pinholes in the mounting. Little did I know that a BONDO CRÈME FILLER existed. I found it in the auto parts store while looking for an inverter for the laptop in the trunk.

    The red filler you see is the crème based Bondo, and it really did the trick. Sanding it down with a very fine sandpaper made it look superb.

    This is a close-up of the board with the buttons to control the LCD (menu, volume, etc...and the remote control's IR receiver.) The Liliput comes with a remote control, obviously - and has all of the buttons that the board has. Thus, all we really needed was to have a hole drilled through the frame for the IR signal to be received.
    ...Unfortunately, though, the IR receiver is mounted in such a way that it can not be removed from the rest of the board, and since we had absolutely NO space left to put it, I desoldered the eye and extended it's connections. The board itself was then able to be pushed back further into the dash (out of sight) and the eye alone was small enough to fit under the lcd (superglued into place. Since superglue dries clear, the IR has no problems reading the signal)
    You may notice that there is a red LED centered underneath the LCD, this is the IR receiver - but with a red LED glued over it, just for looks. Otherwise, you would just see a hole. It looked rather unattractive.


    Prophet / Bradley Baumann

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    Looks really nice, I like it.
    I have to get my project started soon!
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      dude - that look FIIINE! I think thats the first complete version I've seen with the later B5 dash.
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        Post pictures of you car also , its a great "machine" and the work on your dash looks awesome...
        Here in Portugal we have great weather, lots of brunnets, party a lot,drink a lot....


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          i was thinking, "man that is a superb, factory looking install", THEN i saw the Quattro badge, and now i think "git"

          lovely car, lovely installing. As said, please do post more pics, thats stunning.



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            Nice Install, one of the very few professional ones in a NICE car. Now if you want a really nice car ( JK), take a look at gork's M3...


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              Ooooh...S4 + Carputer: a man after my own heart.

              (and Jalli, show me an AWD M3 and I'll be interested)


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                Very nice, im hoping my A4 will be done by mid summer


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                  Nice car!! Clean and tidy work .
                  Could you post some pics of the car as well?


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                    thats an extremely attractive red x


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                      Prophet / Bradley Baumann


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                        what is that laptop sitting on?
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                          The laptop is sitting on a custom-made wood holder - it has notches for the laptop's rubber pads/feet, and it's secured to the trunk. It's so the laptop dosn't move around when the car is pushed around turns

                          Prophet / Bradley Baumann


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                            how is it secured to the trunk? I am working on my A4 install and using a laptop ( a dell, like in the foreground of the trunk shots), on a docking station. Im having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to secure it.....
                            Cheap Laptop, great for Carputer!


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                              I wish my 2001 was a 2001.5 like yours. Looks good.