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My project AxisMp3 in 2 different vehicles

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  • My project AxisMp3 in 2 different vehicles

    My first one was an 89 Acura Integra that I blew the head gasket in with pics of the top end rebuild project. After the top end was done i snapped a rod.

    My currect setup is in my blazin blazer

    Current projects
    Fiberglassin my LCD to my glovebox

    Planning Process
    Painting my truck with paint that will allow for 4 different paint jobs (Hot, Cold, Day, Night)
    Building a complete Fan Cooled Fiberglass/MDF PC/Subwoofer box

    Always adding new pictures chech back often (i might as well set up a webcam in my work area or something)
    My Webserver is fixed the pics are up
    MP3 Blazin Blazer

    14" MAG Desktop LCD in your grill
    Over 5000 console gamez
    Plus More.......