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2000 Stang mounted LCD w/DVD-RW in-dash

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  • 2000 Stang mounted LCD w/DVD-RW in-dash

    I finnished this a few weeks ago and thought i would post it. the fabricating only took about 12 hours. the paint is only temporary until i get this 3M paint that is textured like the top of the dash. critique is welcomed and appreciated-
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    a few...
    First why? at 4x dvd-r media it takes me lik 40-50 min to "backup" my dvd movies.
    Any I would love to see you mold in that dvd drive flush with the dash. And continue molding that screen smoothly into the bottom portion where the cigarrette lighter plug is.
    Mine needs to be updated.


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      well the dvdrw is extreme, but why not? isnt a carputer extreme in the first place. plus "backing up" dvd movies is only part of the application here. im moving to the mobile office appearance as well as the movie and music aspect. with always on internet, and all the other bells and whistles, you may as well go for gold and use the dvdrw. someone who is in the car commuting as much as i do, there will be many chances to get work done in the car. creating media in the car is just the first step in mobile technology for the future.


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        I'm curious, does shock cause any problems? Looks like you used a typical internal drive, does the DVD/CD skip while the car is in motion? Does this cause any problems while burning?


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          heheh I'm installing my black DVD-R drive into my glove box ASAP. It was in the car at one time already but in the trunk. The dvdr in my case is just the only black cd player/burner that I have. I won't be burning dvds, but I will be burning CDs, and I will be watching dvd movies.

          BTW has dvd burner combos for less than 100$ so its not really all that extreme anymore.

          btw find you a piece of abs black plastic and use a dremel to make a face plate for it and you'll be set!


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            almost done with ver. 2.0 of the is full mould of lcd and dvdrw- 24 hours more and project complete with console, not sound;quality(never complete)P.S. i started this of b4 are above--b4 june 6 fab will be complete and SLAP comp will happen~ muahahaha...
            im going to kennesaw, ga for the SLAP dBQ contest
            i'll keep you posted


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              okay this is it all done- i dont really care if no one likes it because it took nearly 20 hours of sanding painting re-painting re-sanding, so i'm done now and im happy

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                looks good