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2001 Tiburon

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  • 2001 Tiburon

    Well, never though i would be posting in this catagory so soon but time flys when your having fun
    click here to see pics

    comp specs
    60gig HDD
    512 ram
    DVD drive with IDE->Usb Converter
    7" LCD

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    haa, i was actually surprised you used the two cat5e cables. never really thought about using them to do that:-P

    are you just running straight windows xp with large icons?
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      Nice install! And the plastic bin for a case is great!

      Great work!
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        Wow... nice faceplate extension.


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          slick. Monitors mounted too low for my taste, but thats almost always true.

          Tupperware is a bad thing to mount a computer in. that tub can build up a tremendous amount of static charge and easily fry your machine. I'd think about building a better case for it, something you could mount to the side in such a way that it wouldn't easily be seen perhaps?
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            Interesting set up. Gave me a few ideas for my own setup.

            Are you worried or have you taken measures with the static in a plastic container?

            Also what are you using for inverter and on/off control? Your car pc sounds similar to my plan. Except I'm debating the touchscreen route.

            EDIT: While I was lookin' at pics, Fluffy was writing what I was thinking.
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              i am doing something similar. don't you think that you could ground the case and problem solved? good looking setup
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                I really like the touch pad idea in the ashtray I have a Xenarc on the way so I won't need a touch pad but thats very cool never the less. Also I really like your tuperware computer case I think I'm going to do something similar. Its nice to just pop the top off your case plus make it a little shock absorbant. Thanks.


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                  How hard was it to extend the faceplate? What kind of stereo was it?
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                    thanks for all the compliments, yes i am just using win XP with large Icons.

                    Im not too worried about the case....the mother board is grounded. Its in as much risk as a regular computer case.

                    Extending the face plate wasnt hard but you should have some soldering knowhow before you do it, the face plate is kensigton
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                      Yea, as long as your PSU is plugged in, it's grounded, so there's really not a huge risk for static. That's cool, i'm going to start install on my 98 Tib FX this summer. I'm planning on saving more trunk real-estate than you though. looks good, but your screen looks smeared, maybe just the flash. Glad to see a tib install.
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