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  • Lexus IS300 Install...

    Well now that i finally had all the parts required, i thought i would make a start on the install..

    I Planned to install the motherboard and hard disk in the boot, i settled on sticking it all in the tool tray area in that deep pocket that sits in the spare wheel area..

    First i made a base to give me a flat surface to mount the components too.....

    Then i made a top to enclose the PC in, this sits flush with the top of the tool tray.....

    I then fitted 3 legs to add some extra support and to align the top and bottom bases....

    Then i went about fitting the motherboard, hard disk and a fan.......

    4 Post USB hub, tucked behing the glove box...

    Mow that is left to do is run some cables for power and the 7" touchscreen, also have to mount the the PSU module, which again will be in the boot and cover the wood with something..

    more pics to come..
    Nitrous'd Lexus IS300 Carputer...

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    i've been waiting for someone to do an IS. I'm planning one for mine as well.

    Looking good so far, keep us updated!!


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      where did the spare go?
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