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Audi A6 custom install carpc with fingerprint recognition

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  • Audi A6 custom install carpc with fingerprint recognition

    Inspired by reading your posts, I took on the task of designing my car pc. Being as hands-on as I am I was originally planning on building my car pc, but after weeks of research and deciding exactly what I wanted to do with it, I decided to buy a pre-built system (sorry everyone). I had the system custom installed at a shop in Rahway, NJ ( after seeing them featured in Eurotuner magazine for an amazing BMW 3 series. It was the 1st time for them to do a carpc in an audi A6 and they did an amazing job.

    Here are the specs:
    Car: 98 Audi A6

    CPU: Xenarc compact car pc - 1.3GHz CPU with 256MB
    RAM, 20 GB HD, shared video RAM up to 1200x1600 res (I think - although I only use 800x600 for ease of access),8x DVD, 3 USB, 1 Firewire, Ethernet access - located under globebox; spray-painted black to match dash; ventilation drilled under glove box to prevent over-heating; removable (very important) - pull out.

    Sound system: original Bose headunit repositioned under glovebox with toggle switch under driver dash to switch sound from 6 CD changer vs. sound from PC

    Monitor: Lilliput 7" touchscreen monitor custom built into the dash

    Screenprotector: Nushield screenprotector custom cut to fit lilliput (thanks to Mark of Nushield)

    1. Biopod fingerprint recognition (for logging-in) - works flawlessly
    2. Flexible/foldable USB keyboard
    3. Gomadic modem cable ( to connect to Verizon internet access (up to 115KBs bursts using regular peak/off-peak minutes) - not advertised by Verizon but available if you search deep enough
    4. AV inputs at center console for connecting X-box/Gamecube
    5. GPS Navigation with limited voice commands - Copilot Live 7 (care of with discount)
    6. 4 port USB hub in glovebox
    7. External mic (from radioshack) spray-painted black to match dash

    1. Windows XP Professional - with hibernation for quick start-up/shut down
    2. Media Engine - buggy at times but overall still very functional
    3. Copilot live 7 for GPS
    4. Microsoft Word and Excel
    5. Power DVD for DVD playback
    6. Microsoft internet explorer
    7. Mitchell on demand - Audi repair CD

    Things to come:
    VAG-COM USB cable to monitor diagnostics and fault codes
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    Let me be the first to say, WOW, looks nice. Good idea with the finger print recognition


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      Audi A6 custom install with fingerprint recognition pix part 2

      click attachments to view pictures (can't seem to place them into my post)...
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        knock on wood. but wouldnt people actually try and jack all that stuff?


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          looks great...but i still dont understand exactly what the fingerprint recognition is for?
          rebuilding carpc... kinda..


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            will adjust picture sizes tomorrow

            sorry i didn't read the rules for posting - will adjust the size of my pictures tomorrow...

            in response to your posts...

            break-ins don't seem to be a problem where I live (knock on wood...)

            some might think fingerprint recognition is over the top but what the heck for $50. it's cool technology!


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              that's just TOO COOL!

              cheers to yah.


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                Looks nice. Nice job on the molding for the LCD. The DVD however seems to be a bit far'd really have to reach to put in a new cd.


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                  blah ... it's a carpc. Why would he be using CDs?

                  Looks nice!
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                    Holy biometrics batman...

                    I don't know that a car would have been my first choice for securing with a fingerprint scanner...planning on having sensitive data onboard, or is it just he cool factor?

                    Nice keyboard, btw


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                      Wow awesome setup! The fingerprint recognition, although I don't see much use for it, is nevertheless cool
                      And you just gave me an idea on where to put my new CD-R drive!
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                        accessibility for the carpc was very important to me; i did have to compromise slightly on placement - i felt it was unsafe to put the pc and headunit under the driver's dash (too close to the gas and brake pedals - plus if you're in an accident, they'd chop off your legs); both would not fit in the glovebox either. Although i do have to slightly reach to turn it on, it's still a lot better than having to exit the car and pop the trunk to change disks. and as previously said, i would rarely be using cd's/dvd's (because everything's on the harddrive anyway). Legally speaking, the driver should not even be watching dvd's while driving anyway - "it's for the passenger"...


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                          wow . wonderful setup . I think the fingerprint recognition can be a used for later .eg. multiple profiles, setting ,choice of songs etc.
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                            interesting install on a beautiful car
                            I think you it can be done even cleaner like one of the posters has done with his bmw m3.

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                              Maybe you could get the fingerprint scanner hooked up to the obd-2 to disable the ignition if it's not in the system, aswell as profiles for power seat settings, radio presets, etc. Really nice job on the install.