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2004 Chrysler Crossfire CarPC Finished!

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  • 2004 Chrysler Crossfire CarPC Finished!

    Boot Screen:

    NEW gen version 2
    Ibase 890i MB, w/ 1.6 pentium M processor, 40gig hd, 512meg, Catalina SC, Sprint 4950 phone for internet, 4 port non-powered usb hub, slot load dvd/cd rom, windows XP home, MediaCar boot to Shell, XMPCR playable thru Mediacar as linein feature, BU-303 USB mouse rust bucket GPS sat. antenna mouse (on my second one, opened itup to silicone joints and etc), ITPS, OSK virtual keyboard, frodo routis launch warning box closer exe, tons of wiring etc.

    MediaCar/febs skins and trying out frodoplayer.

    You guys are great with the miles of knowledge here on the forum and great companies to deal with like logic supply who advertise here made my job very easy.

    Edit: special thanks to Roland and Dan for answering all my Hardware Q? and pushing me to a more powerful setup than my old Via system.

    Kudos to all here, ChrisG

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    Awesome! Clean install! Looks kinda like a factory one would! - Fiberglassing Tutorials!
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      Holy %#@$! Must be one of the cleanest installs I ever came across!!!!
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        Beautiful! Congrats on the install!
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          thanks for the complements... Most of you all are to blame for my new CarPC addiction!!!!


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            I think anyone that has the _____ to cut up the dash of a brand new car deserves serious respect.

            My car is older, and a lot cheaper to replace the whole dash (I've got a spare) so it's not such a big deal if you miss with the saw or dump resin all over it.

            The car's barely off the showroom floor and you've hacked a big hole in it.
            By the way, how's the car? They look soooo sweet. Chrysler sure can design a body. I remember several years ago , I think it was Csaba Csere (Editor of Car & Driver) that said if cars were sold on looks alone, Chrysler would dominate the market. I, myself am a GM guy, but I really like several of the new DaimlerChrysler's in production.

            So, have you already started plans for part II of the CrossfirePC?

            Keep up the good work,

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              I know what you mean Superduck. After a year and I still haven't have a gut to pop the radio bezel out of my Matrix to see if the Lilli will fit in there. I have a hard time dealing with warranttee work at the dealer (oh you blew up the engine because you swap the radio). That kind of stupid clam you know.
              BTW a 2 thumbs up for a nice and clean install + a freaking BIG GUT to breakup the brand new car for a PC install
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                Nice job! That looks sweet! I know the pain of of hacking your new ride to install the PC.
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                  Congrats on the install!


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                    Thanks for the props. The replacement pieces were pretty affordable if I screwed up to bad. The car is a pretty nice out of the box rig.... $10,000 less than a Merc SLK. Same platform and made in the same plant in germany as an SLK.

                    Designed by Chrysler ..... Made by Daimler.

                    It has dual spark per cylinder.... like a hemi.... was a bit concerned about coil interference but no such issue happened thank God.


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                      love it bud, great job!!
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                        That is nice. One question... Where's the A/C?
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                          Originally posted by aforget
                          That is nice. One question... Where's the A/C?

                          Using the side vents... the middle vents really did not carry much air velocity anyway. The weird thing about the slks and crossfires, they only have console with foot settings.... no foot only or console only. Kinda weird if you ask me....

                          Got up to 90 degrees this past week and had no problems with the a/c cooling down the car to 73 with in about 5-10 minutes.


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                            yeah I am weird like that...

                            Originally posted by Batmanatthenewb
                            Nice Install. Its great taking a new car and ripping it apart, isn't it. I always like to do it in the beginning so I can enjoy my work rather than waiting for warranties to run out.

                            I was one of those kids that would get a new lego set and never really build what the kit was pictured to build.... Then BMX came along, had new mongoose together long enough to ride it for one race then rip it apart and rebuild it with something new that I did not really need....

                            Then I got my drivers license and all hell broke loose. Stereos, motors, suspensions, and now car computers. I am just glad our country allows weirdos like me to express myself through such methods. Art is cool, but invention and resourceful engineering and are my outlets.