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New CarPuter Porsche 944S a first?

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  • New CarPuter Porsche 944S a first?

    Just got it up and running, figured a few folk may be interested.

    It's a porsche 944S with Epia Mini-itx 900, lilliput touch screen, GPS, MP3 on 20 gig, with wireless link to my home pc for stuff, running media engine 2.1 with modified skin.

    Plan to work on interior, improve sound system, got hold of another dash to fibreglass, who knows maybe a white knight rider porsche may result...



    Below is the initial wiring and testing, I'm using an ITPS and a stable 12V DC DC PSU to run both PC and Screen.

    This is the screens current position, it's a bit dim in bright daylight ,excellent at night, and attracts attention from other drivers. I'm moving it down to the radio area for now, but I think I may modify the dash and try to make it look factory.

    And here's my baby peering out the driveway.

    I'm adding a split charge relay and a second battery, with a home made timer switch, to enable the pc to function when cranking the engine/starting. Because it's a pain to crash the PC at every petrol stop.

    Adding a rear vew camera, and interior cam, also looking into using GPRS internet to communicate with the car pc via mobile phone.

    So far its been alot of fun, and the navigation software coupled with GPS adds a bit of fun to journeys.

    Anyone in the midlands area wanting to chat about CarPCs gimme a shout at cagedbat Cheers!

    Many thanks to the folks out there in the forums for useful info and ideas, and to devi for putting up with the tinkering on saturday nights.

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    Every Porsche deserves an Opus 150.
    That would end with the cranking problems.
    Here in Portugal we have great weather, lots of brunnets, party a lot,drink a lot....


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      Oh I'm in the UK by the way


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        That's nice! My screen is also attached to front vents - pretty convenient.

        I know how it feels to attract attention My screen is very very bright, and at night anyone can see it.
        I often see SUV and VAN drivers behind me point fingers at my car or simply stare at the screen
        Yeah, also attracts attention of quite a few highway racers out there
        Too bad my car can't handle most of them.
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          Yeh, I've noticed the car stereos volume in the boy ricers ford fiesta go up. And their bucket exhausts cough out some more backpressure.

          Way I figure it I'm in the sportscar, they are in a bodykitted 1.1 litre eurobox, there's no contest.
          Each to their own.

          I liked the touchpad you've added to your system, very knight rider.

          My only prob with mine at mo is the screen is kinda dim in broad daylight, I wonder if there's somthing wrong with it, or are they all like that? due to all the glass there's alot of light bouncing around my interior.

          It's awsome at night though, I'm thinking of going for all blue LED and Electroluminescent lighting, and maybe redo the door cards because I don't like the position of the electric windows switches.

          I'm wondering if it's better to have the screen low so only I can see it, or to put it high up and redo the vents with the spare dash, so people can peer..

          The alarm system also has remote by GSM (phone) tracking linked to GPS and a remote engine disable linked in, so if the car gets stolen I can call it, and it'll tell me where it is. and Even switch off. The porsche Engine managment system is a cow, so I figure it would take even a pro sometime to figure out why it won't go. All black wires ofcourse, with numbers which I've kept in a little notebook for diagnostics.

          I've also got an 8 channel servo controller, which I can use to move an interior camera, control the Air blowers and maybe (theoretically) even control the gear shift.
          Kinda Homebrew tiptronic

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            Originally posted by PORTUGAL
            Every Porsche deserves an Opus 150.
            That would end with the cranking problems.
            Umm...nope. Every Porsche deserves a proper charging system with a 750 CCA battery. That would solve your cranking issues.
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              Porsche Charging system

              I'm using two batteries , one to run the engine, one for the carpc and media systems.

              The charging is managed by a HomeBrew Pic circuit.

              Priority is given to the main car battery, the ITPS manages the PC start and shut down, with a bypass signal from the pic, ie at petrol stations etc. I'm using a remote keyfob to start stop PC. once stopped and ignition switched off, if the ignition isn't in on position within 15 mins the system soft shuts down.

              When battery is too low the itps soft shuts everything down.

              When Cranking, the charging system is disconnected from battery 2 for 1 min to allow for starting. Also with igniton off the entire second battery is isolated from the starting battery.

              It's alot cheaper than an opus, and I've had no worries yet (altho it's only just gone in! . The second battery is a "leisure cell" used in camper vans.

              At all times my dash voltage indicator stays between 12 and 14 even with all lights,fans etc. on.

              I had Hum issues through the stereo, but using the epia line out adaptor to my line in on my pioneer DEH 6000 head uint rather than the FM modulator solved this.

              To be safe I've added a 12v regulator circuit into the line supplying the lilliput touchscreen as I've read some horror stories about them popping due to the dirty power they recieve from auto electrics.

              The PSU in the Mini ITX seems fine running direct from the ITPS.

              I am considering the benefits of adding a 1 farad cap to the system as I plan to bung some hefty amps in soon and understand the cap will help stableize things when I bung on some industrial thump thump tunes to keep me amused on the road.


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                I'd love to see the monitor mounted where the headunit is, and the headunit where the AC controls are... and the AC controls.. well who needs those really..
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                  Thank God!
                  Finally another Porsche driver ;-)

                  VIA EPIA M9000/120 GB/Xenarc 700TSV/Opus 90W DC-DC
                  Haicom GPS/3Com 11g Wi-Fi/D-Link BT
                  WinXP/myHTPC/InfoMap Navigator Eu/PhoneControl w/T68i
                  Blaupunkt HU & speakers/Velocity active subs/Alpine amps

                  Progress: removed while waiting for nano-itx


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                    This link was given to me in another tread. It should put to rest the argument about how to survive cranks.


                    Why would you spend the extra money on an opus supply if you can fix your existing system with a $4 battery?