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97 Celica Vert Powerbook G4 Nearing Completion

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  • 97 Celica Vert Powerbook G4 Nearing Completion

    Not all finished yet.. display not molded in, powerbook's in for repairs right now.. etc etc. But it's REALLY getting there, and it seems to be holding here for a while until I learn enough about fiberglassing to be confident

    Powerbook g4 550 mhz
    Xenarc 700TSV
    Soundsystem. mmm
    N64 and SNES also hooked in.

    The webpage, with ALL the picts and step by step, is here:

    But here are some picts for you guys:

    Please lemmie know what you think!


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    Hamasaki Ayumi!

    Is that Ayu? She is one of my favorite japanese artists. Thats a great pic.
    Love the Powerbook too. OS X is the bomb.
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      anything that is said to be "the bomb" is surely not "cool" anymore
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        Walky, yeah thats Ayumi

        and hush vcb :P


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          can i ask you how you power up the laptop without takin the laptop out and opening it??? cuz i'm planning ot put my dell in my car... but don't know the details on that...the thing is i did research and everyone has to do some hard wiring to the car...but i was wondering if there's a way to jus set the laptop so i could auto output the video feed to the lcd screen withought having to set the options everytime u turn on pc....thx alot...


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            Very cool. From the photos it looks like you disengaged the screen from the powerbook?
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              Yeah, took off the laptop screen. Since the screen is off, I just have to reach under the seat to power it on- which I rarely had to do, since when I turned the car off; the laptop goes into battery mode and instantly goes to sleep. The power inverter's on and off switch is hooked into a relay with the cigeratte lighter; so when that gets power, the inverter turns on.. if you dont do that, it will just suck power from the battery all night long..


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                But how did u set the laptop up so that it would automatically send video signal to monitor? or does it do that on default?


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                  I also was planning on putting my Powerbook on the car since the screen has being broken for quite some time and I just bought a brand new one instead. But the problem that I had with it is that first... you can't send it to sleep with touchscreen (you can't get to the corners). And also the media players are very bad also with a little screen.. I tried using itunes with my 7" touchscreen and it worked but was very hard to actually move around the itoons interface with just the screen. And the big problem that I had with it is the GPS system. I can't make this GPS system worked well under mac os X. It just sucks, that's why I got a "donated" computer PIII and i'm about to install it in the next few days.

                  Also there was a forum just for people putting their macs on the car just like this does anyone know it? I lost the link. Also... any software that you guys know that may be helpfull in playing media like Frodo player is for the PC? THanks


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                    Mymoo, it'd do that on default. A little magnet on the touchpad made the laptop think the screen was attached and closed, and so it'd send it by VGA out instantly.

                    Mine goes to sleep fine with a touchscreen- I dont know about the hot corners thing (I set mine up to goto the screen saver when the mouse was in a hot corner, and it worked) but I just used the finder menu to do it when I wanted to do it by hand, and I rarely did. When the relay hit the power inverter when I turned the car off, the laptop went on battery power, and after being on battery power for 1 minute, went into sleep mode.

                    GPS sucks under MacOSX- there are NO good programs.

                    I didn't have the problems you described with itunes- all in all it sounds like your screen resolution was set WAYYYY too high. You might be thinking, "how the hell am I supposed to get by with 800x600?" but trust me, its really easy and not a hassle after 2 days.

                    The mac forum is


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                      well, I want to have the carputer to play mp3s, videos, dvds and GPS but with the mac I can do all except.. and that really sucks. Anyways what software do you use for the interface of your system. Itunes ofcourse but what else.. how about to search and play videos?


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                        Just VLC to play the videos, and the touchscreen to select them. I have a playlist set up of all my most commonly watched videos tho, and that pops up when I open the proggy. Basically I use, itunes, VLC, DVD player, Safari (lots of hot spots in my town), and Adobe Acrobat (I carry around in my car a LOT of tech manuals.. tech manuals on the powerbook, the car, the stereo system, etc etc etc. Also basic how tos on speaker wiring, the how shibang; it's fun to goto car meets, talk about wiring and then go: here, hop into my car and lets take a look at this schimatic I got the other day" I use that wireless keyboard for any typing; and the touchscreen for the mouse of course)


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                          Originally posted by fandel
                          But the problem that I had with it is that first... you can't send it to sleep with touchscreen (you can't get to the corners).
                          You can with this little program:
                          Super Shut Down
                          Just stick it in the dock.