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GTI PC Up and Running!!

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  • GTI PC Up and Running!!

    Well last week was car-pc hell week for me. I had from Monday to Thursday to get the pc built and running in the car to be ready for my trip to Waterfest (a huge east coast VW car show). Thankfully I got it done but I'll say I'm at 90% complete because there are a few more things I want to do.

    Here is my set up:
    Epia MII 1ghz
    256 RAM
    120gig 3.5 Hardrive
    Opus 90w
    Lilliput 7" Touch
    iGuidance v2.0 with Holux gps mouse
    Linksys wireless card

    Here is the car 99: VW GTI VR6

    Here is the box when I started putting it together:

    The screen (set up as "removable" right now) in the car:

    Running FrodoPlayer:

    The case is located under the seat. I'm going to clean it up a little more. I had to add a ground to the case to get rid of some hardrive noise. I aslo had an external reset button hooked up during my testing phase incase I ran into any problems:

    Hope you like it. This thing rocks and I got a lot or complements at the show. A friend of mine with the new Pioneer AVIC-N1 was jealous of my setup especially after his GPS got him lost on the way down to Jersey.
    99 VW GTI VR6 SC
    -The GTI-PC-

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    nice set up! where u get the box from u-do-it electronics?
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      Love the case. Did you make the case yourself? I was thinking of doing the same thing with one of my installs. I'm working on two vehicles at the same time. Post more pics of your case if you can.
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      It's still under design but it is functional


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        Yeah, I got the case at 'you-do-it electronics' in needham, MA. It's a 12x7x3 aluminum box.

        Here are more pics of the case as I was building it. I ended up using a rounded cable for the harddrive since the flat one was just too big to close the case lid well.

        99 VW GTI VR6 SC
        -The GTI-PC-


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          I like the box and setup a lot...

          Here's a tip I learned here - Mount your hdd vertical [b]ASAP[b]. Driving around while the hard drive is being accessed in that position will possibly cause the head hit the platter when you go over a bump - this will cause physical damag to your hdd.


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            That looks awesome.


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              Probably a good tip, hd54321 ... Taking note ...
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                does having the hard drive sit directly on top of the power supply have any adverse effects? I ask because I am about to do just that and I was wondering if there were any heat or EMF issues.
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                  nice install !! love the detal you put into the case


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                    I haven't noticed any issues yet, but I've only had it running in the car since last Thursday. Heat hasn't been an issue and it was really hot this past weekend but I was planning on adding a small (maybe 40mm) exhaust fan near the PSU and HD anyway.

                    As for how the HD is mounted I've heard mixed things about the way it should be mounted, if verticle or horizontal. I have access to some smaller drives like 10-15gig that I may just ghost and run in the car for a while and see if anything terrible happens. The thing doesn't really get bounced around alot but I may want to just test it out.

                    I don't even know if I can mount the drive upright without building a whole new case. Thanks for the tip though.
                    99 VW GTI VR6 SC
                    -The GTI-PC-


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                      in my caravan the ride is soo smoth that flat is the best way to mount my hd , ya know all those G's it makes going round corners... tehe