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Nissan Sentra 1996 GXE Complete Project. 14'' Screen

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  • Nissan Sentra 1996 GXE Complete Project. 14'' Screen

    Finally, I have gotten some time to post to the forum. It's been a year since i had started on my "low" budget setup.

    This is the first variant of my CarPuter

    I was trying to go for really low budget, thus i had decided to use old hardware. I stopped at Gigabyte mb with two serial ports+usb and Amd 500mhz kII. 128mb Ram. 18+29+free ram ~ $47 plus an expensive 250w inverter from AutoZone(i was too eager) $45($92), a Kogi 14'' Screen $130($222) (after rebates from bestbuy) and i bought serial GPS from deluo for $90($312).

    Everything was going kind of smoothly until i decided to stick to a laptop harddrive. I found one on eby 10Gb $20($332) which was VERY CHEAP. Well, you get what you paid for. The hardrive had a password on it, so i had spent and least 3 weeks total of my time to try to remove it. I could not used the professional services cuz they cost 3 times as much as a harddrive itself. Soon after i gave up on the idea of using that harddrive and pulled my old 8gb Samsung 5400 from the working tower.

    Later, comes the installation of the operating system, which took me another week to complete, since for some unknown reason the setup always crashed about 15-20 minutes into the install. Only later i had realized that one of my Ram sticks was faulty. Being to axious and tired to complete the install of the OS i had let it go at 64mb which was no joke at all, it took 1 hour to just format the hardrive and another hour and a half to install. Finally i had operating system, a shoebox and couple devices to be tested.

    During the first in Car tests, i would plenty more problems with my system, things like constant restarting upon hitting a bump, or restarting without any particular reason. Things like that had been going for a long time, no matter how many times i had tried to test the system. It drove me crazy. I gave up. and let the project sleep for about 2 months.

    During the spring of this year, with the weather getting better i had decided to definitely finish the setup before the end of the summer. I screwed the budget setup i had and ordered Athlon 1800+ and GA-7VM400M(smallAtx) $96.99($428.99) from Newegg and a stick of DDR2 from staples which was supposed to be $25 but i lost my receipt and was not able to file for the rebate, thus it ended up being $50($478.99). the MB worked flawlessly, i was so happy and i thought that i was finally on the right track. I ordered extension wires to pull them from the trunk(vga,two audio,serial,and power) $50($528). I had used my old mini tower case in order to mount the setup. It took up most of the space in my trunk and was always moving around while i rode.

    I had rewired GPS connectors, so it pulled the 5v off the powersupply instead of the PS2 port, where i had plugged the wirelless keyboard+mouse combo(IR) $36($564) setup. I had also ordered the ODBII module from for $88($652) (cheapest/most features u can find/also it supppors most makes, and not jsut some like Then i had picked up a $25($677) 400W inverter in Costco(which was so much better in value than autozone). Since i wanted an easier way to upload things to the computer i had purchased a Netgear wifi card from Fry's electronics 11g 54mbs $20($697),with the delivery and the rebate included.

    I had installed all of this in the tool box I got at Home Depot for $10.00($707)
    it took me 3 days, to cut through the plastic and mount the setup within it's boundaries. The computer kept shutting down when an exessive pressure was applied to the top of the fan,it made siren like sounds and turned off. I did some research on this and it happened to be the overflowing of the temperature sensor, whihc was resolved once i had released the pressure, by freeing some space around. Then I got 2 bungie cords at HomeDepot 3.99($711) and mounted all of this to the back of the seats in the rear.

    I was pretty excited once everything was put in place and was functioning to it's full capacity. I had drove around, althought the best part of the drive was finding tons of local spots for free internet and chatting with my friends while in the car(of course i could have done it with the laptop, but that's completely different kind of feeling).

    Here are my final Specs for the CarPuter
    256mb Ram DDR2
    1800+ Athlon 1.57ghz
    GA-7VM400M MotherBoard
    8Gb 5400 RPM Samsung Hard Drive
    NetGear WIFI 802.11g 54mbs
    ODBII module
    Deluo GPS
    400W Inverter.
    IR keyboard+mouse in one

    total Cost of install $711 +~$50 for extra things i forgot to take into the account.

    Also here is a good recommedation, never try to do anything budget unless u have done something similar before.

    Some things to do on the setup. Add a DVD-rom to the front, plus make the sound better(remove the noise caused by the inverter from the line).

    Thank You for reading

    And finaly here are the pics of the setup.

    check me out.

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    More pics

    and here are some more pics

    check me out.


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      and some more

      check me out.


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        Do you look at the screen when you are driving...or is there for the passenger only?
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          steal me!!!

          Only kiddin! Looks good - I must say, you if you don't attract attention from thieves, then I'm sure it'll attract the cops!
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            I will surely not attract thieves, cuz i remove the screen everytime i park, but cops is another issue, i try to keep the screen off while i am driving. I weighted the advantages of having such a screen $130 versus $290 for lilliput and $380 for xenarc. and it came out on top.
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              looks good man
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                Huge screen, but how do you manage to use it while driving?

                BTW, my system's cost is below $200, so budget systems are actually a reality
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                  Can you give me some more detail on your GPS modifacations...

                  What exactly did you do to it? How did you do it? How did that go?
                  mobo $130 ; 150wOpus-$200 ; 256mb pc2700 -$10 ; 120gb HDD 7200-$70 ; Lilliput TS 7"-$265 ; USB LAN-Free AR ; Rikaline 6010 GPS-$34 ; ShuttleXpress-$37
                  Total = $746....Carputer = Priceless


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                    hey, how do you like the obdII tool from ??

                    fairly cheap, hows the software? I was thinking about getting 1 built unit then 1 parts kit to build it myself just for the hell of it..


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                      I don't know about that screen placement, seems like it would be hard to see from the drivers seat, but heck, what do i know. But I gotta give ya some props for using the Toolbox as a Computer Case. I really like that idea.


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                      - Garmin 15H GPS
                      - WinXP SP2 (NLited)


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                        Just make sure your pasenger airbag is disabled or you might as well just smash the screen in their face!

                        Love the ghetto install
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                          Damn, i thought i did this post, i guess it did not go through.

                          Now to answer all of the questions.

                          1. Yuriy: Zdorovo, Klasnniy komp sobral.
                          Your setup would not be as budget either if you would have included the ODB2 and the actual price of the Monitor+ the cost of the Toshiba Pocket Pc. The screen is huge, but it was very good value, and i can watch without a problem while i drive.

                          2. cadence117: GPS Modifications.
                          All i did was cut the PS/2 jack from the GPS mouse and replace with the regular power jack leading to the powersupply's 5v in the computer. The PS/2 wire from the GPS mouse only contains two wires, i believe red and black, so there should be no trouble for you figuring out what to do with them. I will try to take couple pictures later so my explanation is much clearer.

                          3. tsparks: I really like the obd2 tool. the software is great and shows plenty of the details, some of them i don't even know what they are. I really like the analog display of the on board instruments so i can see the RPMs since i don't have that in the car. I highly recommend it.

                          About all the Airbag comments. I take the monitor down, when somebody rides with me(which rarely happens), but i am looking into somehow obtaining a smaller display for a much lower price. we will see what's gonna happen with that.

                          Thanks for responses.

                          Also i had managed to make my comp boot in 18 seconds, by doing Bios modifications so now it only boots in 1 sec!!!!! and removing prefetching from WinXp and reducing considerably the number of services.
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                            1 sec boot time???????????
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                              Originally posted by mykolJay
                              1 sec boot time???????????
                              Yeah that must have been a typo. My system does boot from hibernation in 10 secs without any mod to XP. I'm very proud of that.
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