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BMW E39 80% Done...

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  • BMW E39 80% Done...

    First would like to say thanks to everyone on this board. This was a great project to work on.

    CarPC Components:
    Epia M10000
    256 ram
    60G hard drive
    IBM laptop DVD player
    ATi Remote Wonder
    Lilliput touchscreen
    Opus 90watt PSU
    Radio Extreme FM Receiver
    Routis '04
    FrodoPlayer (great app) w/Brushed Metal Skin

    Pioneer DSP-9200 Equalizer
    Clarion MCD 360 Cross Over
    1000watt JBL Mono Amp
    600watt MTX amp (top and mid)
    2- 12" Rockford Fosgate Punch Subs
    4- Pioneer speakers (front doors & rear deck)
    2- Tweeters
    1000watt cap
    Home made sub enclosure (Home Depot parts)

    Now that everything is working I plan to pull it apart and do a lot of cleaning up. But that will have to wait as I will be going on vacation next week and have a lot to do at work before I leave.

    Well below are pictures of my 97 BMW E39. Please tell me what you think.
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    Great job, looks like a very nice install. You are a first person on this board who I think did an E39 install.

    I also have an E39 and will be starting my project in a next few weeks ,getting all the parts ready now. I am very curiuos on how you managed to install a Indash Equilizer where the cup holders should be, and I can`t really see on how you installed your liliput in dash. I wish you can take more pictures so all of us can see.


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      The deq 9200 separates the brain of the EQ from the display/control screen. The brain is mounted in the glove box. The display/control screen took some effort:

      -Removed the a/c control unit and the frame.
      -Moved heated seat control from the original location
      -Remove the front cup holders
      -Line up and cut the metal frame that holds the a/c control unit (used a dremel)
      -Used a small piece of wood to build a custom holder for the heated seat controls (also covers up any open spaces)

      It is still a bit rough. I plan to pull it apart and clean up the piece of wood for the heated seat controls and repaint it. Will be a couple of weeks before I can get to that through. I will take more detailed pictures when I redo that section.

      The screen is a Lilliput. Used a small piece of wood to make the frame and did a lot of bando work to build it up. There are some places on the screen which need a little more work as well.


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        Thanks alot for your reply, hope you can post some more pictures soon.


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          Post pics of the screen.



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            Looks nice, but why did you mount the LCD sideways?
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              Originally posted by jpelzer
              Looks nice, but why did you mount the LCD sideways?
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                Nice installation!!

                Where did you put the cables from the trunk?



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                  Sorry for not responding sooner. Was in the garage all night working on another project car. Anyway, I will take pictures of the screen tonight and post either tonight or tomorrow morning.

                  The cables from the trunk run up on both sides of the car under the carpet. Since BMW's battery is in the trunck and main + is routed on the passenger side. All RCA cables were routed on the drivers side all other wires on the passenger side.


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                    Dude, the trunk is supposed to be used for cargo
                    Anyways - nice one!
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                      The woman says the same thing. Works great for me, when we have to carry around alot of stuff we use her car

                      I have found a better picture of the screen in the stash I had it is attached below
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                        do you have any light pictures? i am dieing to see...


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                          I took his last pic and made it lighter for you to see seeming your waiting so long
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                            BMW E39 Update

                            Finally got some time to work on the car. Below are the updated pictures of my install.

                            Also recently dumped the radio extreme FM receiver and replaced with a WinTV USB devise. Works much better now.

                            This carputer is packaged in such a way that will make it easy to switch between this car and the one I am currently building. Didn't want to make 2 seperate PC
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                              Cool. The gps receiver is on the outside of your car?...
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