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  • '94 Supra

    Been lurking here for many months, reading and re-reading countless threads for insights on to make my project a reality, many many thanks to the hosts and participants on!

    I went with Xenarc TS, a dell laptop core (will be replaced with different cpu setup in the future) re-cased, with external hdd, gps, ts hooked in via usb, and the AEM Engine Management System hooked in via serial.

    Am using Coyote's MediaCar as the Front End, cool stuff and hella easier to get to the music than explorer/winamp.


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    sweeeet!! is that a double din slot?


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      very nice setup, how much was that AEM software?


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        Nice car, nice job. Painted black that screen would almost look stock! What are the buttons underneath the screen - I can't quite make them out? ...
        [Insert witty comment here]


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          what a beautiful car
          rebuilding carpc... kinda..


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            I'll either have a 93.5+ Supra TT or a R33 Skyline for my next car. Gotta say it is VERY rare to find a heavy tuner like myself who is also into putting a nice computer setup in his car. Much props bro!
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              That is schweet! Excellent work!

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                Carputter.. hah.. what are the numbers on that car? I've been dreaming about a supra for ages! Maybe if/when *crosses fingers* they put out the mkv, hopefully in 2007

                Nice install though
                VIA Epia II
                256MB 266DDR Ram
                90GB Wester Digital
                Bluetooth/Deluo GPS
                Lilliput 7" Touchscreen
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                  man thats a perfect install!! im interested to see how you installed the computer its self.
                  Carputer: 2.8Ghz P4, 512 RAM, 120gb HDD, WIFI, TV tuner, CDRW/DVDROM, Slot load DVD in front.
                  Screen: Lilliput 7" touchscreen (Custom made Carbon Fiber Screen Enclosure)
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                    Sweet car...nice install too.


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                      Thanks everyone!

                      It is a Double DIN slot, this is what it looked like before, with an Alpine head unit and a Dension MP3 player:

                      The AEM EMS is hardware & software and is a complete replacement for the stock ecu. It runs around $1500 and is available for specific cars only. Check out for more details.

                      Kamo, the buttons underneath the screen is a control unit for my gauge setup, including peak hold & memory playback of gauge activity.

                      IG, last dyno was ~600 to the wheel at 22 pounds of boost. Dyno here:

                      Darkhalo, the computer is currently in custom case, made out of wood, sitting behind the passenger seat on the floor. I avoided doing anything permanent with that until I get a different setup.


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                        Good ****. Looks good. Congrats
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                          nice car, impressive dyno numbers. You post on Supraforums? My buddy has a 94 also. 671rwhp was his last dyno run, and he just did the BLQ71 turbo with a GM Turbo 400 trans! Whats your setup?

                          Supras are definately my favorite Import. Im a Chevy guy at heart.
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                            Did you relocate the alpine to the left of the steering wheel, or it is pc to amp? I also have 94tt and in the process of installing the computer. I just canít make up my mind of whether installing the screen in the middle (over big a/c vent) or like you did it in the main console.


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                              damn, impressive numbers