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Update to the GTI-PC

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  • Update to the GTI-PC

    Here is a photo update to the system I have setup. I recently had the screen molded to the center console and it looks really good.

    Plan on adding:
    -OBD-II Reader
    -DVD drive
    -Maybe XM radio

    The box is a 1ghz mini-itx board with 256meg of ram and using a 40gig 2.5in drive. Originally I had a 120gig 3.5 drive and switched it to the laptop for better peace of mind.

    Here is my Screen molded in. It was done by a friend of mine who does audio installs at a shop in Watertown, MA and it came out awesome.

    Center Console

    I basically removed the full size drive and added the 2.5in mounting it vertically. I also added a small exhaust fan which is a little hard to see but is there.

    I still have some finishing touches to do to the install, like clean up the wires and stuff but I was just happy to have it in the car and running. All in all, it's pretty cool and has been a nice addition to the interior.
    99 VW GTI VR6 SC
    -The GTI-PC-

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    wow nice job with the screen. Especially like how well the buttons seem to fit. Looks sharp.


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      Very nice. That's a very smooth finish.
      Is that your car in the screenshot?
      In da club....


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        Originally posted by Spaghetti
        Very nice. That's a very smooth finish.
        Is that your car in the screenshot?
        Haha no thats not mine though I wish it were.
        99 VW GTI VR6 SC
        -The GTI-PC-


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          the screen mount is beautiful.. man i am jealous.thats what i want mine to look like.


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            Excellent work on both the case and the screen! The buttons look great indeed.
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              Got boost?