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  • My Suburban SS Project

    Let me know what you guys think. Any input is good. Don't mind the dirty pictures it was late and the flash brought it out even more.

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    Wow, really nice install. That's a pretty big screen in the front. I really like the custom fitted Xbox into the dash. I didn't notice it at first, that how you can tell it's a stock looking install, very impressive.
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      Wow that is Sick!!!! love the setup
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        I like the sharp sleek look you've got going on, it doesn't seem too flashy. Yeah, you should get some daytime pics and some of the whole car, also some pics of the dash. If I was a passenger I'm not sure how I would feel with my airbags being replaced by an xbox, but then again its a suburban and can probably take a lickin. Overall I'd say it looks good and you obviously have no problems finding places to spend your money.


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          I saw that you have flowmasters on it. Did you put true dual exhaust on it as well? If you do, does your engine run rough sometimes right when you start your burban up?


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            Very slick. Did you it all yourself? I know nothing about newer (post-Sega Genesis) game consoles. How do you load the X-Box games? Is it a tray loaded disc?
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              Wow nice looking ride. Would love to see some daytime shots.
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                NICE. I like the install, but I also like the little add ons from other models of that platform. Nice Install Overall!
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                  Great looking install. Very stock looking....well, if cars came stock with that many monitors and extras
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                    VERY nice car and an install that goes with it!

                    More pictures please!
                    List of front-ends/usefull apps
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                      so what did you use to paint the dash trim ? That is a nice ride you got their.

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                        Yeah - lets see some daytime pics!


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                          Thanks Guys!! I will get you guys some daytime shots, it looks much better that way. this was last minute last night. I do all the work myself, so I can help you guys with any questions.

                          Das- Yes it is true Dual Exhaust and I think all the GM SUV's do that sometimes when you start it.

                          ppgt94- Yes I did it all myself, and it is a modded XBOX so I don't use any disks, it has about 60 games in it already which I rarely even use.

                          allenruble- It is the same paint as my exterior car's paint.


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                            Originally posted by kefka_killer
                            If I was a passenger I'm not sure how I would feel with my airbags being replaced by an xbox, but then again its a suburban and can probably take a lickin.

                            I'd rather die having my fash bashed in with an xBox than have my neck snapped by an airbag.

                            I'm not an airbag fan. Seatbelts work fine for me. I thought deactivating and replacing an airbag was illegal????

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                              It is because of the oxygen sensor. Your exhaust is still really hot when you turn the car off, so when you turn the car back on, the computer thinks your car is still hot so it idles at a lower RPM causing the violent vibrations which you wouldnt have a problem with if you still had the factory exhaust.
                              None of which i covered by GMAC warranty, so if you're the jerk that takes your car in complaining about that then I will be very upset with you next time I work on your car.
                              Sorry, had a guy do that, just venting....