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  • 2002 Vw Gti

    So after 8 months of planning, collecting and assembling parts the carPuter is finally complete. There are still some small things left to do, but I felt it was complete enough to show to Vortex.

    Part I, relocating my headunit is here: Relocated my headunit, pics here

    I now have every CD and DVD I have ever owned at my finger tips while driving, will never get lost again with GPS, have direct access to Vag-Com with lugging around my tabletPC, XM radio to listen to the Opie and Anthony show when they return on October 4th, WI-FI on the go and plenty of other cool things that I have yet to figure out yet. =)

    It's 100% keyboard and mouse free, all touch screen. It boots up with the ignition, and shutsdown when I key the car off, all possible to the Opus power supply. The Opus is designed for in-car use so you don't have to worry about surviving through the crank, or the variable 12v from the battery. It's all taken care of with this nifty unit.

    Part List
    - Custom case
    - Via M10000 MB
    - 512MB RAM
    - Opus 90w DC-DC power supply
    - 2.0 USB Micro-Hub
    - 7" Lilliput Touchscreen LCD
    - Custom screen housing thanks to PHC
    - 160GB Maxtor HD w/ 8MB onboard cache
    - 80mm Panaflow fan
    - XM PCR
    - D-Link Wireless - USB 802.11g Adaptor
    - Deluo GPS Mouse
    - Routis GPS Software
    - Vag-Com
    - FrodoPlayer Media software courtesy of FrodoBaggins
    - Lots of wires, zip ties, epoxy, solder, time, research, etc.....

    Things to be completed
    1) The silver bezel will be painted black to match the rest of the interior.
    2) The gap around the bezel is intentional, it is there so I can attach a security faceplate over the screen when I leave the car.
    3) The wires and case/headunit area is still a mess. This will be straightened and secured once I am done with tuning the software.

    Here is the unit at night running the media software:

    With the flash:

    Running the GPS software at night:

    Here is the custom case:

    Simply titled, the mess:

    Here are the yet to be hidden antennas, the GPS is already hidden under the rear panel.
    '02 GTI
    [Routis '04] [Opus 90W] [160GB Maxtor HD]
    [Lilliput 7" TS] [VIA M10000] [XMPCR]
    [512MB RAM] [Custom housing]
    [Deluo GPS Mouse] [E-MU 0404 Soundcard]
    Progress Meter: [==============|] 99.9%

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    Sweet. Another gti-pc. welcome to the club
    99 VW GTI VR6 SC
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      that custom bezel for the screen is sweet. Fits perfectly in your dash. I want to do the same mod,just havent had time to get to it, my dash is slightly different but basicly exactly the same as yours.

      nice job
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        nice install wondering how much was the Custom screen housing?


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          $75 available here:

          '02 GTI
          [Routis '04] [Opus 90W] [160GB Maxtor HD]
          [Lilliput 7" TS] [VIA M10000] [XMPCR]
          [512MB RAM] [Custom housing]
          [Deluo GPS Mouse] [E-MU 0404 Soundcard]
          Progress Meter: [==============|] 99.9%


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            wow thats expensive


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              Not really if you think about it. It would cost much more for me to make a one-off of these, and it's super highly quality and fits like a glove. $75.00 is a bargain if you ask me. I could see these for selling twice that and still being reasonable.
              '02 GTI
              [Routis '04] [Opus 90W] [160GB Maxtor HD]
              [Lilliput 7" TS] [VIA M10000] [XMPCR]
              [512MB RAM] [Custom housing]
              [Deluo GPS Mouse] [E-MU 0404 Soundcard]
              Progress Meter: [==============|] 99.9%


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                I like.
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