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1993 Nissan 240sx install

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  • 1993 Nissan 240sx install

    This a fairly textbook install, but I thought I might as well document it now that I have some pics. (Thanks to Mikephotos02X for taking pics for us at the LI meet with his insane camera.)

    Components of interest:
    150w OPUS
    7Ē Lilliput w/TS
    Audigy 2 NX
    D-Link USB radio
    Earthmate GPS
    Linksys 54g PCI wifi card w/ cheap wifi antenna off Ebay
    30g 2.5Ē Hitachi drive
    Plain ATX MB (I think itís a DFI) w/ PIII 933
    Phoenix Gold Octane-R 8.0:4
    Case: Plastic container for CDs I found at Walmart
    Shuttle Express

    Thatís an EQ above the Audigy. I use that just for the subs but hopefully itíll be eliminated soon.

    I was stunned to find that the Lilliput fits perfectly with NO CHANGES to the stock bezel. I mean, I had to stick some washers and pieces of foam on there. Later, I was forced to jam a penny under one corner of the screen. Everything you see here is stock.

    Iím sure you noticed that the buttons are covered. I never use any of them except the power button for which I made an extension. If you look below the Lilliput, to the lower left, thatís the new power button (yes, that tiny speck). The Lilliput is also coyote modded.

    That mini-din you see here is gone because I was getting some ghosting with it. Iím now using plain VGA and USB extension cables. I wish I had a few better pictures, but I wasnít thinking of this thread when the man with the camera was around.

    Media Engine (I will never use a Windows Media based audio player. Sorry Frodo.)
    Mappoint 2004 (Yeah, Iím going to get something new soon.)

    This is a trunk install. There were many wires ran and re-ran over several months. Hopefully, this little explanation of my wiring will save someone some work.

    I had a free RMS wire that was previously ran from the deck to the amps in the trunk and thatís what I used to control a 12v+ relay located near the amps. A three-way switch determines whether the relay is connected to the IGN wire, a constant 12v+ line, or nothing at all. The relay, in turn, is connected to the RMS on my amps and the OPUS. I had to use a relay because my amps were turning off when I wired the RMS to everything directly.

    The Lilliput is powered with the egg. I got rid of horizontal flickering by running a new ground for it and also grounding the outer shielding of 9-pin mini-din coming from the Lilliput. (I just wrapped a wire around the outside of the connector and then stuck into the VGA/USB cable.)

    I have three USB extension cables ran from the carputer (in the trunk) to beneath and behind the ashtray in the center console. My USB devices all connect to either a hub or extension cable at this point (except for the Audigy, which is near the amps). The hub is for my D-Link, ShuttleExpress and Earthmate. Itís powered by a cigarette lighter adapter from Radioshack which is completely hidden adjacent the hub. The mouse and keyboard are in the glove compartment. The keyboard actually has a hub on it, so the mouse is connected to that while the keyboard itself is connected to one of the extension cables. Having a hub right on the keyboard also leaves another port exposed for use with a USB thumb drive or other device. Since the hub is on switched power, when I turn the ignition completely off, it too shuts off. This prevents my GPS from signaling thieves with a blinking LED while my car is off. Some devices do not take well to being powered on an off without a reboot which is why the Lilliput touch screen utilizes the remaining extension.

    The 6' VGA Extension cable is ran this way as well, connecting to the Lillputís VGA/USB cable right behind the rear ashtray in the center console.

    All new wires ran to the trunk. I donít have much to say about that except: I never want to do it again.

    The D-link is behind my Lilliput so I used the original RCA cables that ran from my deck to connect the D-link to my line-in.

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    Sweet !

    Nice !

    I like
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      i like the screen install.. its looks very clean... and question what guage wire are you running to the Phoenix Gold amp??


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        You have to see the screen install in person to be even more impressed. I saw it at the long island meet. I the screen fit perfectly in there, it's like the car was made to have a screen installed. I don't believe he had to do any cutting or use bondo, correct me if I'm wrong.
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          Very nice install.. I used to have a '92 240 fastback and these pictures bring back memories!!



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            he's a nice guy too, when he's not hitting on your woman

            Yeh, it looked great in person. I didn't realize that you were using the D-link radio, how is the reception compared to a head unit?
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              I'm running some high quality 16awg wire to all the speakers and 12awg for the power and ground. I'm going to replace the ground with 8awg at some point and maybe the power as well. All those orange wires are just going from the relay to the RMS connections on everything.

              I have never seen a tube of bondo in real life. I did have to drill a tiny hole for the power button though, now that I think about it.

              The D-Link's reception sucks, but I haven't had a chance to play with much yet. I'm going to try soldering a few things. This will probably not happen for many months.


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                I'm running some high quality 16awg wire to all the speakers and 12awg for the power and ground. I'm going to replace the ground with 8awg at some point and maybe the power as well. All those orange wires are just going from the relay to the RMS connections on everything.[QUOTE]

                Im surprized that your amp runns with out cutting off with that gauge wire!!
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                  Wow, that screen fits nice there.
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                    Hey, nice pics It was great to check out your install in-person, so much better than just photos. I'd have to say the system sounded nice as well...good job!



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                      just me or no pictures?

                      I am planning an install in my 95 soon and would like to see some screens! I don't see images on this post? Is it everyone or did I miss something?




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                        It might be because this thread is almost 2 years old!!



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                          haha, people who dont check post dates..


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                            i'll post up my 93 coupe soon, but i need to finish some wiring first. and since my s13 is different from your s14 i don't see that much in common anyways
                            project in the worklog but i will post a completed thread.


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                              didn't realize post date affected content n/m