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My Corvette Install

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  • My Corvette Install

    heres a little info

    8 inch in dash touch screen with molded console faceplate

    runs a full in car computer with 40gig MP3 external drive, Celluar internet and wireless broadband...GPS, DVD and more...have full stereo surround sound planned

    Im writing some custom software to control it and the themes

    has a quick switch button to go from Daytime to Nighttime screen...

    Got the molded bezel installed and fitted. took a good bit of remolding/cutting to get it in. I moved the AC Controls down to the old ashtray area. Ground it all down and rebuilt the area so it would fit like it suppose to

    all i have left now is the switches for turning the PC on.

    now on to the speaker install which should be as much or more work than bezel was :leaving

    few pics of progress

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    Looks almost as good as mine Keep it up, very nice... Very stock lookin'. I love that!

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      Nice job,

      What year is your 'vet?


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        its a 01 coupe...thanks for the replies!!


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          Sheesh I dont think I could ever get my car that shiny inside

          Very nice install.
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            very sweet install, you should put this in the project board...


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              Very nice! Give some specs on the hardware.
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                Looks awesome! I wish I had that much time on my hands to make mine look that stock!
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                  system specs...

                  its a shuttle cube with i THINK a 2600 amd..its a 333 mhz front side bus

                  ive got a much smaller pc on the way since im using a external DVD which will be molded into the console lid and hidden as well as a external drive for my mp3 collection (which numbers in the 1000`s

                  speakers/amps/etc im not sure of as of yet and have at present just planned on a nice set of computer speakers with subwoofer running of a 5.1 setup

                  ill post more as i go...

                  whatelse would ya like to know...seems like a cool little part of the web here!

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                    SWEET!!! That looks good!
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                      Wow that looks sweat!! nice job
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                        Show some pics of your car please.

                        I'm a Vette-lover !!!!!!!!!


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                          I have a 2002 Trans Am, and I was planning on doing almost the exact same thing, although I was just going to ditch the heater controls all together and program the computer to do it. That's a very nice install. Just from looking at that, I'm glad I was on the right track. Nice job.
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                            Originally posted by Dutch_guy
                            Show some pics of your car please.

                            I'm a Vette-lover !!!!!!!!!
                            Yes, pics... Please.
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                              Whatever you do, don't use computer speakers! They sound like ***** compared to even stock car speakers.

                              Nice install, that is.
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