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  • BMW 735 Car PC

    Hi all,

    Thanks mostly to the superb resource this site is, I have installed my Car PC!

    1989 BMW 735il. 3.5L 6-cyl Automatic with 120,000kms on the clock.

    I have an Athlon 1.4ghz system gathering dust since I upgraded to an Athlon64 so I used that.
    - 1.4ghz CPU
    - 40GB Seagate HD
    - GeForce4 64mb graphics
    - USB 2.0 card
    - Onboard sound
    - Custom plywood case
    - 802.11b Wireless

    - Lilliput VGA touchscreen mounted in the open space in front of the shifter.

    - USB GPS Mouse mounted on the rear parcel shelf.

    - 300watt Inverter with on/off switch up front

    - Windows XP pro
    - OZIExplorer for Roadmaps. There is no routing software available for New Zealand
    - MediaCar (installed)
    - Frodoplayer (testing)

    Future Plans
    - Bluetooth dongle for use with PhoneControl and for GPRS internet
    - More permanent mounting for the screen

    Again, without the help information available on this site, I would never have gotten this project off the ground!

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    Sorry about the power cord in the boot photo! I was uploading a bunch of MP3's that day so was using mains power...

    This photo shows the switch-box for the PC and inverter on/off switches. I've used CAT-5 cable to bring these up front. I will also put some LEDs in there for PC power and HDD activity when I get a chance.

    [IMG] [/IMG]


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      yep, you're right.

      I've been toying with the idea of constructing a wooden housing to fit the screen into, which would then be varnished to match the existing wood trim.

      The thing is, I don't want to hack into the car much more than I already have, so I might have to be a bit creative with that. I kinda like the idea of having the screen removable...