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99 Grand Cherokee (i-drive)

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  • 99 Grand Cherokee (i-drive)

    Well, I would say I am finally about 90% done with my project. I call my mp3car project i-drive (cause I own

    Touchscreen: Lilliput
    Mobo: Epia M10000
    Ram: 512m
    HDD: 120 gig
    DVD: Slim DVD/CDRW fabbed up front
    Power Supply: Opus 150w
    GPS: Ebay GPS Mouse (mounted behind rear-view mirror)
    Wifi: Not finished yet
    Radio/TV: Not finished yet (still building the case) but will be Leadtek 2000xp

    Pictures don't do it justice, I will have to take some better pics and get them uploaded.. There are some finger-prints on the mount-piece that showed up pretty good with my flash... But figured I might as well get started.

    Before I started

    Removed the Radio

    Started Pulling wires

    Pulled all the required wires up front.

    Testing on how the dash piece will look

    Now checking it out with screen


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    Is that the CD-ROM drive in the vertical slot on the left of the screen? Very nice job!
    System status: in progress


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      yes, that is a dvdrom/cdrw Hardware hacking articles


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        Originally posted by hevnsnt
        yes, that is a dvdrom/cdrw
        Can I see a close-up of that? I wanted to mold mine but couldn't figure out how to keep the eject button.

        Here's how mine is installed:
        My Install Thread

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          Hardware Software eject button? Alot of motherboards actually have pin's for CDrom eject. Or just have it purely software?
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            sorry, I will get better pics soon.. I just molded the dvd face into my panel, kept the hardware button
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