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1996 Dodge ram 1500 EXTended

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  • 1996 Dodge ram 1500 EXTended

    Basically done, I took some pics tonight, I never got any before shots only after shots. And its night time in the pics, but I mainly wanted to show off the touch screen (12.5") ELO... The computer under the center console mounted, and all guts are inside the dash. Nothing is exposed at all except a keyboard (w/trackpoint) that sets under the seat unless I need to do some real typing...


    HP e-pc 933 Mhz
    256 m ram
    20 gig hardDrv
    12.5" ELOTOUCH screen
    Belkin USB Hub
    USB GPS Mouse (under top dashboard)
    USB 802.11 wireless internet
    USB CHARGER/19k INTERNT nextel unit cable
    USB TV/Radio HAuppage unit (still trying to get it to work right)
    Win XP HOME

    Screen is biult into the dashboard (red Button turns on/off screen)
    System runs 24hrs a day.
    I created a dual battery system (using Deep cycle Marine Batteries)
    **System tested 2.75 days with truck off,(Truck still started and system still runnning**

    All devices converted to 12v inputs using (variable regulators); except computer which is 19v input, I just bought a used(ebay) 12v to 19 v 3amp PSunit (for laptops). I added a 12v line surge protector.

    Still need to tweek and do a slight bit more on the cosmetics, but basically im done...


    I took more pics, but system only allows 200k pics, all at 200-220k pics.. dang.

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    damn, that screen job is impressive!
    00 Saturn SL2, boosted @ 8 psi - CarDomain
    Newest install - my quickest ever
    My 2nd carputer - b4 I broke the touchscreen
    My very first carputer - voted the most ghetto


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      i like the big screen.nice install.