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  • PT cruiser Project

    well, after getting some minor problems woked out, i finally got everything running.Still need to get the controller for the lcd display, but in the meantime, im running it through my avic-n1.

    here is my setup: Old House PC HP XT926
    900mh AMD Duron
    40GB Hdd(will Upgrade when i get some $$)
    374mb of Ram
    CD Burner
    Windows ME (i know, will upgrade soon)
    9-in-1 media card reader(so when i take pics i can see them on a bigger screen instead of the little one on the cam)
    fellows touchpad.

    Upgraded from Original:
    Radion 9200SE Video card
    USB 2.0 PCI card

    Soon to be:
    Wireless card
    12" screen.
    Bigger HDD
    (If i find a cheap one) DVD/CD Burner.
    prob. the the main reason why i did this project was that this used to be my old house pc before i got my current one. it was just laying around, so i said why not. i am planning to mold in a 12" LCD and touchscreen as soon as i get the controlers for both.dont really need a dvd player since i have a PS2, X-Box, and avic-n1 all with dvd players. Radio, navigation, and cd playback are through the avic. when i get the 12" screen molded in, ill sell the avic and just use the carputer for everything.

    Blurry pic of the fan on the glove box door.

    the MB

    another Mb shot

    i couldnt get decent shots of the avic screen so ill try again later(plus the cam ran out of battery)
    and contrary to what it may seem, the door closes like before the whole ordeal. tell me what yall think...
    P.S. More pics of the car HERE

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    wowthats stuffed in their. the car looks good nice headliner work
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      Holy **** man, that stuff is crammed tight!

      Try RevFE
      The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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        geez, how's the temp get in there ?
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          sweet fan.
          thats a pretty *****in idea


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            Hmm new headliner too. Looks good. My only concern is the the cop behind you noticing your rear view mirror looks big and expensive. Nice work though=)


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              thanks. i rarely use the mirror screen since i got the avic. its one of those $89 ebay screens but it served its purpose well(its actually brighter than the avic screen) the headliner is still a work-in-progress since im too lazy to take it out again and actually paint looks more cramed in there in the pic than it actually looks in person. the temps in there are pretty good since the fan sucks out all the hot air from the box. the MB is EXACTLY the same size as the spaec in there.

              If the pics dont show up cause of exess views, go to the link in the first post.


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                new pics

                i got some more pics. my cam is very ghay so sorry bout the pic quality.

                the touch pad will prob be replaced with a mini wireless keybord with integrated mouse.