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2001 CitroŽn Xsara VTR 2.0 HDI in-dash TFT

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  • 2001 CitroŽn Xsara VTR 2.0 HDI in-dash TFT

    Hi all,

    Well, this project wasn't finished yet, but since it'll probably never will be in this car, i'll post the pics i had anyway.

    The car

    The screen in original state (Lilliput)
    Original dashboard
    TFT bezel cut out of dashboard bezel
    Preview of how it will look
    The proces of molding
    Finished bezel
    Screen build in dashboard
    Kill Bill vol 2 in car

    Now, as I said, it wasn't finished. The computer running it was laptop lying on the backseat, while i wanted to put a mini-itx board in the trunk, hook up GPS, hook up a USB-FM receiver and maybe hook op an USB-IDE box with a DVD-RW in it somewhere in the front (between passenger seats?).
    There was an AMP in the trunk for the audio.

    Now last thursday I crashed the car into a tree after loosing control of the car on an unexpected mud spot.. this was the result:

    Airbags out
    More pics here

    Since I need a car for my work I bought myself a new Ford Focus, will have it Friday.. Planning on building the CarPC in there but i don't a clue how yet.. But thats another project

    Tell me what u think of this one..

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    StevieG on these boards has quite a nice Focus carputer setup. I'm not sure if he has a thread in the project forum, but there is a nice write up on his website, You might want to check it out.


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      He das 'n Belg! (translation: He, he's belgian)

      I'm from Holland, so that's in the neighbourhood

      I saw your paper, with dutch text!


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        Bad luck with your car buddy. Do you have any pics of your dash when you took it apart.?The 306 and Xsara dash components and layouts are very similar but your aircon is lower (in the place i want to put mine) and wondered what it all looked like inside.


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          so sorry for the car....

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            for stevieg's excellent solution i need a new frontplate for the lilliput since i molded mine in the xsara dash .. i took it out with dash plate etc before i 'wrote off' the car so now i have a tft screen lying on my desk with a xsara dash

            Or i can buy an empty slot in holder or something and put the lcd in there..

            *hmz hmz*


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              Is that part of the dash ok yeh? I just bought a xsara coupe over a month ago......maybe you could send me that small piece of the dash??( save me moldin it) is it a 7" inch lilli yeh?

              * doesn't mather, just noticed your car is left hand drive mine is right


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                Hopefully you're still on these forums, but I'm looking at doing similar to a Xsara VTS Coupe. What did you do to mount the existing LCD in the car?

                -- DJ


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                  Ouch, sorry about the car. I'm thankful my accident wasn't as bad as that! Main thing, as they say, is that you're ok so that you'll be able to put another computer in another car. =)
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                    Sorry about the car. What matters is that you're ok. I've had a similar crash in a car that wasn't equiped with airbags, and unluckily for me, I wasn't wearing the seatbelt. I'm lucky I'm still here.
                    Nice choice the Focus, I assume it's the second generation of Focus?
                    I didn't know that the Xsara had a VW type of key, that fols out. I don't think that Focuses have that. I'd sure miss that!
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                      DAMN bro, that was quite an impact. Sure hope your okay. Thank God for airbags!

                      Can't wait to see you system in your new car.


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                        Holy ****, i don't even recognise it!!

                        I don't know what's scarier - crashing into a tree, or a face full of airbag!!
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                          Originally posted by DJ-Studd
                          Hopefully you're still on these forums, but I'm looking at doing similar to a Xsara VTS Coupe. What did you do to mount the existing LCD in the car?

                          -- DJ
                          How do you mean ?

                          The front bezel of the screen was cut and glued with PU to the bezel of the dashboard (with PU i mean the stuff with what they glue windows, its rubber-alike when its dry). After that the front was covered with liquid polyester, dried, sanded, covered, dried, sanded, ... etc till it was smooth. Then I put a thin black plastic foil around it...

                          The screen fits into the original (cut up) front bezel and the VGA controller is strapped against it with some strips..

                          You'll also need to cut the dash itself (behind the bezel). There is a plastic 'bar' there to hold a head unit, I dremeled a part away so the screen would fit in.

                          You can see pics of the process here;


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                            Hi Saxgod. I didn't realise that the VTR just had a digital clock. The VTS has an LCD that displays information about the car and maintenance warnings. Unfortunately this means that I can't mount an LCD in the same fashion that you did.

                            -- DJ