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99 Acura TL carputer project pics

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  • 99 Acura TL carputer project pics

    Sup guys!!! n00b here to the forum... You guys got a good thing goin here... Thought i would show off a few pics of the carputer... its always a work in progress but whatever :P

    Theres still some things i would like to do with it, but right now this is how it is. Im a network engineer and i had some stuff laying around the house so i decided to build a basic carputer... nothing super fancy, just a Celeron 600 w/ 80Gigs and XP... Gotta keep it running cool. Its in a standard MicroATX chassis, and the carputer has been integrated in to my existing after market sound system. Im running the Kenwood KVT-910DVD with Boston Z6's all around, a JL 10w7, JL 500/1 and 300/4. Screens in the headrests and PS2 also in the trunk.

    Right now im running the carputer in to the AUX composite input of the head unit. I want the Xenarc screen but ill be damned if i bolt a screen to my dash, i love the factory look of the car and molding a Xenarc screen in my dash where the NAVI screen would go is too costly to think about right now.

    Carputer also is running a USB GPS transceiver, and since im in the business that i am, i do of cource have an 802.11g card with some very nice sniffing software and a big booster omni-directional antenna

    I was going to run linux, but since the carputer is basically outputing to "TV", i needed XP to make it all readable...

    Enjoy and any feedback from you guys is appreciated!!! Im always on and so catch me there too!!

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    damn man you have some money in the back.. nice install


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      where are the amps?


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        Originally posted by kickercivic1
        where are the amps?

        HAHa... Second to the last pic, to the far right.

        NICE SETUP... but get ready to buy a new monitor, I been ur route before for like one week. Get a vga monitor. Nice setup anyhow!!!


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          Nicceeeeeeee - I wish one of the large manufacturers would come out with one of those all-in-one in-dash units with a vga screen.



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            beautiful install in a beautiful car...great job

            u mean to say that those two boston boxes are ur amps and they push ur interiors and a W7????

            also...what i would do to complete the look in the back is change the comp case to black as well as ur CD-rom...ur PS2 and sub box are black...comp should be black too, VERY NICE though...


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              Actually those are the crossovers for 2 of the 4 Boston Z6 door speakers. These are the amps, mounted on the back wall behind the box:

              The cables look much cleaner, this pic was from right after the install.

              The computer case has already been swapped to black just dont have pics of it right now...


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                Originally posted by ERIKbx
                HAHa... Second to the last pic, to the far right.
                Good one smart guy. Now who is getting the last laugh. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahaha


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                  Nice!! What's with the Mountain Dew??


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                    Ahh Mountain Dew is great.


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                      I think the peep hole for the PC is great! A really nice install there!


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                        Can you show me how you run the power cable for the amps?


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                          Wow, old thread :P

                          Can't really show you how they are run, the power is a 4 gauge line drilled through the firewall on the driver's side, to the driver's footwell, under the door sil, to the rear, where it enters the trunk via the ski passthrough. Pretty simple for the most part. From there a distribution block connects the various components to power.


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                            Video to screen...

                            Do you have a video card on the pc that has composite video out?