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My 02 EP3 Civic install

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  • My 02 EP3 Civic install

    Here's my install.

    The IR sensor used to be mounted in the vents but now hidden in the corner of the opening.
    The OEM S2000 button used to start the engine. Now it starts the computer.
    A white LED behind the start button turns on when the computer is on. I used to have an amber LED in there as well for the hard drive activity but it got too annoying so i ripped it out.

    The Screen is lilliput. No problems with it and i've opened it up a couple of times.

    This was done with bondo and some scrap pieces of plastic.

    some before pics

    The original

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    looks clean. I would have left it silver though. Wheres the PC?


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      Very clean - real nice job. About the silver, ya, would look hot if you left it that color. Buts looks great without it anyways.


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        niiice work man.. i like the s2000 engine start button
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          nice!! i love EP3s. im stuck here with an ES1.


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            looks great! how is the sun glare on the screen?
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              looks good. nice job!!
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                it's running off a laptop in the trunk inside the sub box so it's out of sight.

                as for glare. I was hoping that placing the screen about 1 inch inside the dash would help block out the glare but as you can see in the pics, it didn't help much. I just run a high contrast (black and white) skin so it's still readable.


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                  Looks awesome.

                  Check your pm.


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                    Looks great dude. Very clean install and I like the setback on the screen.



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                      In this pic how did you feel in the lines around the dash kit? what did you use?
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                        Very clean, it looks awesome!


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                          Originally posted by kickercivic1
                          In this pic how did you feel in the lines around the dash kit? what did you use?
                          Not too sure what you mean by feel in the lines but what I did was filled the gaps in this picture with bondo.


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                            Hi 2.0i , cool install. Did you actually fabricate your dash? Looks really OEM.

                            I had a question .. do you think one can get a OEM dash for a civic ( i have a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid) which would fit a 7" screen instead of the usual sat navigation system that comes with the top model?.. i mean I dash that could fit a screen just fine.

                            a link would be a lot of help.


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                              two thumbs up dude!

                              My girlfriend wants a screen in her 02 coupe...just because I am making one....I got some good ideas from looking at yours, looks so clean!
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