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    First of all, this project would not have happened were it not for this website/forum and its users. So much information and ideas were (and still are) generated by lurking here. I started my project in October and have enjoyed my “mobile” PC for the last month, including a 4000 mile trip through the Western States.

    The few things that I am still working on are OBDII and Voice Activation along with a final install area for the GTech. I just can't drive around with that thing hanging off the windshield. Still looking at possible solutions with different OBD functionality along with logging and GPS overlay. Also, Voice Activation still only works sporadically, but hopefully my new noise canceling microphone will do the trick...

    Here are a few pics.

    Gyro Keyboard and ScanTools OBD module. Still testing the OBD so no final install yet.

    Custom rear shelf, Velcro Hold (I can remove computer in about 10sec), 10" Sub and DVD holder, which used to hold my battery backup.

    Screen from Digital Worldwide has worked flawlessly so far. Touch screen works great and is easily cleaned with your sleeve (ha).

    GPS module and Rear Cam.

    Front mount DVD/CDRW and multi card reader. I have 3 more USB cables in front for future expansion.

    More info can be found here:

    It’s been an incredible project, filled with enjoyment and spurts of frustration. However, this final system has survived the above trip (with 200 miles of gravel roads thrown in for good measure), 2 Track Days (maybe 140 miles) and 1 Rally X with the SCCA.

    I’m running a condensed version of XP Pro (12sec. boot time), Streets 2005 and Topo and will convert to MapPoint with Voice Prompts soon. Frodoplayer has been kick a#$ and I use it everyday. It is a marvel of simplicity and functionality with very little resource hogging in the code. Awesome piece of software on all counts!

    Hope you enjoy my brief story…



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    Awesome job. Install in the trunk is very impressive. Not to mention that car is just amazing in the first place.
    Care to come over to the Operating system optimization forum and share how you managed to get a 12 sec boot time?


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      hey good job with install . my ? is this how is everyone installing computer in the trunk but having the disk drive in the front of that car?? is it a ide to usb adpter on these devices?,again good job.not tryin to thread jack jus curious as to how u did it.
      ..and dont back out just because u think its too crazi , i hate pussies

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        you answered you own question. ide-->usb

        Btw, very nice install. The trunk looks really good, the carpet matches well.
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          I love newbies like this. Makes me proud.
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          My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
          It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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            Love the Evo. Great Install. Awesome trunk install too.

            BTW, you forgot to put on your Links page


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              I wish my trunk looked that clean... I need to hide the wires, but I have no idea how!

              By the way, what kind of keyboard is that?


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                gyro keyboard

                ..and dont back out just because u think its too crazi , i hate pussies

                epia m1000,256mb ddr,7"lilli,120gb hdd, Ati remote wonder,400watt inverter,350psu all under xp pro-installed


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                  awsome install... you have given me many ideas for my own. What cam is that in the rear window? and do you find that the glass and trunk affect the image at all?

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                    I see that you have the appropriate actor on DVD in the trunk: Steve McQueen!


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                      Removable in 10 seconds... seems like an advantage to theives.


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                        Thanks for the comments. The install is still a bit rough around the edges, but I wanted a system that I could thrash, and not spend too much time and money on. In terms of the boot times, my partner in AutoCPU used to be a developer with MS, so he has some tricks. Let’s just say he is still working on the boot time (in terms of 100% repeatability and stability) and has not told me his secret. It has been a systematic approach that has required a re-install with every test. As soon as I know what the future direction of the company is, I will gladly share our story.

                        Yes, the drive is IDE to USB, and I’m on my third unit. I have yet to find a quality conversion board that can withstand high-impact and temps. Verdict is still out on this particular unit installed, but again, since everything is “removable” I can swap the drive quickly.

                        In terms of hiding wires, I built a fake wall between the seat back and the trunk and left the cross member for chassis rigidity. Here is the kicker, I have a Radio Shack 12 plug power strip with all transformers in place, just like home. We put in power extensions so that I could quickly take out a unit and replace it. Wire doesn’t really care about voltage. This is not the way that I would want to install a customer car, but it does protect all systems connected to the computer.

                        Also, I installed a circuit breaker to cut all power to the carputer in case I need to park for more than a few days. No problems so far… My remote starter (Clifford) has a remote switch to turn on the unit when I get close to the car, so that when I get in, everything is on and functioning.

                        In terms of thieves, I purchased a extension on my car insurance and insured the value for $5000 in case of that situation. I would rather pay an extra $30 a month and just not care about it, plus in case of an accident, I know that I will get the full value of the car.

                        Thanks again, and yes, I will add a link to my site for




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                          Inspiration to our curent project with import tuners
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                            Very cool.... I hope my project hit this level at some point.
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                            Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

                            Read the FAQ!


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                              Can I have your car? I love it! Nice install!
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