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2004 VW GTi VR6

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  • 2004 VW GTi VR6

    I've had it for about about 2 months now, was going to wait to post pics in the spring when the car looks a little more presentable.. but I was playing around with my camera today and decided to snap some pics..

    quick rundown before anyone asks ( i spared the details ):

    -2.5 Celeron CPU
    -Asus xSeries motherboard
    -512 RAM
    -80gig HD
    -7 USB 2.0 ports (4 in the glove compartment and 3 on mini tower )
    -10/100 network card
    -Mini Tower 400w power supply
    -Xenarc 7" TFT LCD Touch Screen ( molded into dash )
    -Sony XM-5150GSX 880w amp
    -400 watt power inverter
    -wireless keyboard
    -wireless pointing device
    -yadda yadda..

    perfect setup for mp3s, divx movies, dvd rips and navigation..

    excuse the Audi skin.. color scheme is the best.. i'm working on a VW skin =)


    The molding and install was done by a friend of mine who opened up his own tuning shop.. here is his information:

    DTC Designs
    417 New Brunswick Ave
    Fords NJ 08863
    tel: 732-738-7822

    His name is Bobby.. his .. give him a call or PM if you are interested in any similar install.. tell him Bartos sent ya for a discount.. hehehe

    questions, comments, feel free to post.. happy new year!

    2004 VW GTI VR6
    [email protected]

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    2004 VW GTI VR6
    [email protected]


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      I REALLY like the way you dressed up your trunk, looks nice. Give us some daytime pics of the screen. From the night shots, it looks like it integrated well with the dash.



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        very nice install! need some daytime pics

        how does that microsoft gps work? how fast does it lock?
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          Doesn't the invertor give bad sounds to the amplifier? and btw : nice install
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            Dude - the "pointing device"... what is it?
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            Waiting for: Xenarc TFT in-dash (haha!)

            Status: Finalising component procurement


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              nice skin, it look like perfect install
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                Nice install. What is the manufacture of the case used??
                System in progress:
                New install in progress...


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                  looks nice, what software are you using?
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                    sweet!! Like to see another VW on here!

                    I'm with the others too, MORE PICS!!!

                    Jan Bennett
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                      Nice install very cool and specially the pointing device where did you get it and how much?


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                        Yes, really nice. Ionno if you looked into this, but you may wanna look into the VW factory GPS system to see how the manufacture integrated the Gps receiver so you get more a factory/hidden look - that is, if thats what you want.


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                        - Garmin 15H GPS
                        - WinXP SP2 (NLited)


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                          do you know if anyone has done this? is would be something I would like to know more about!!!
                          Jan Bennett
                          FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

                          Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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                            I would really like to see some daytime pics to see how the screen was molded in there.


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                              The install looks really stock. Your friend did a great job of molding the bezel. I also like the clean case install and the cable management.

                              Switch to an Opus and you'll have a really slick startup/shutdown feature added to it!
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