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Toyota Hi Lux Surf (4Runner)

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  • Toyota Hi Lux Surf (4Runner)

    1996 Hi Lux Surf SSRX

    Via Epia 1.2Ghz
    120Gb Maxtor HDD
    512Mb PC2100 DDR RAM
    Panasonic Slimline Optical DVD/CDRW
    Opus 150w Power Supply

    MediaCar, Destinator 3, Windows XP Pro
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    Some more Toyota Hi Lux Surf Pics...

    more pics...
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      great install! I love the way the computer looks in the back
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        Nice clean install! Welcome to the T4R CarPC club!
        2004 4runner


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          Sweet install in the back (and screen of course).
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          EPIA M12000 / 256MB RAM
          PW-120 + ITPS
          Slot Loading CDRW/DVD
          30GB 2.5in HD
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          GPS Nav
          Installation progress {+++++++} (Installed! :) )


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            [H]4 Life
            My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
            It will be done sometime in the next generation.
            I'm a lesbian too.
            I am for hire!


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              Nice, nice install. Really loved the idea of the raised floor in the trunk floor, really hides everything nicely.


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              - Belkin 802.11G W-Nic
              - Garmin 15H GPS
              - WinXP SP2 (NLited)


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                very very lux congrats
                DICE Los Angeles


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                  Toyota Hi Lux Surf...

                  The raised floor in the trunk did turn out great, got the idea from my friends Mitsubishi Challenger which has a factory raised trunk floor. Also have 6x9's tucked away in the spaces in front of the wheel arches, with the trunk open it sounds nice!
                  Was a bit concerned with overheating as there is no airflow, but pc and power supply have not complained yet. I have left cover off the pc as its fully protected under the floor anyway.

                  Only trouble to date has been water ingress into GPS mouse as it lives on the roof, where it can always get a lock. I hope i have cured this with some careful application of silicon.

                  Most recent addition has been to ditch the OE Toyota Battery for a Deta Orbital Deep Cycle/Starter battery, and what a difference!! No more worries about starting the engine! (Check out Whats New)


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                    Looks great!
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                      what do the other 4runner installers think about this????

                      this is most likely the route i'm going... i know i have room in the storage panels, but i think i will do this

                      do you think the molded to fit around the wheel wells is the way to go or a smiple box would do (allow for side storage?)

                      How much weight can this case sustaIN?

                      i plan on splitting the box into 4 quadrants - 1/2 will be pc, 3 will be amp/audio, 4 will be storage (tow cables, tools, etc)...

                      i want to get grey carpet so it matches interior

                      this is a good theft deterrent!

                      next - wifi


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                        also, how did u cut the wood around the wells????

                        next - wifi


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                          mine is made from 20mm MDF and you can see from the pics above what is supporting the floor, It can hold my weight no problem, and I carry scuba diving kit on top which includes a set of double tanks, so i guess its pretty strong. There is a hinged lid in the centre to gain access without lifting the whole thing out.

                          The cutouts for the wheel arches were done first with a card template, then transfer onto the mdf when you are happy with the fit.

                          You should be able to get grey boot carpet no problem.

                 is where i got mine.


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                            Looks really good. Very clean. Now finish off the clean dash by removing the Xenarc sticker on the LCD case.
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                              >what do the other 4runner installers think about this????<

                              I am a 4runner owner. I think the install is slick but I am designing my system to fit under my car seat. I am trying to keep everything pretty simple.