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Some photos of my car and install

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  • Some photos of my car and install

    Hey There

    Just wanted to keep a little log of my progress with my carpc.

    My main goals with all of my install is to make it appear as stock as possible, but still nice and cool looking.

    The setup is :

    - Morex 2688 Case with 800 mhz epia and 256MB ram and 80gig drive
    - ITPS running the auto startup shutdown (will be replaced by an m1-atx)
    - Griffin Powermate for controlling player
    - 8" Lilliput TS
    - Creative MP3+ USB Soundcard
    - PG ZPA0.3 Amp rated @ around 6-700Watts RMS bridged 1 ohm
    - Crystex Emphaser 12" Sub @ 1000W RMS / 1800 W Peak
    - Pioneer something up front ( can never remember the name)
    - Crap amp for those pioneers

    My setup is all located in the trunk underneath an MDF woodplate divided in the middle and covered with the same fabric as the rest of the trunk. On one side is the morex case and on the other side is my PG ZPA0.3 Subamp, driving a 12" Crystex Emphaser Sub rated @ 1000W rms and around 1800W peak, this thing weighs a lot :-) There is one 2x50W crap amp hidden under the seat now for the front which will be replaced soon.

    I have bondoed the 8" into the original dash and moved some stuff around to fit it, including sawing of stuff behind the dash to get the depth i needed :-(

    What remains is finishing the rest of the dash when the weather allows it, and getting the power wiring for the sub amp beefed up. Also i wan't wireless support and some GPS functionality.

    I have also been thinking of integrating my steering wheel controls into the pc with girder or so, i just can't find any specs on how the Citroen cars controls work.

    Next after all that is upgrading the engine, it puts out 170bhp stock on a 2,0 engine, not that bad, i am gonna change some components and piston bore to get 2,4L out of it, new engine managment and 250-260 bhp should be in reach and some killer torque.

    Here is some pictures including the ones when i broke the TS overlay the first time i tried to put it in the dash :-(

    Please give some comments.

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    Not doing carpc anymore

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    what are the things in the air vents? window controls? other than that looks really clean.
    Progress: | All materials Purchased...


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      Very nice work on the car, and not just the computer...
      Renault Megane...the OEM look

      The Lost in Europe Ford Escort


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        Thanks guys, the things in the airvents are the window controls which i am currently integrating into windows with a usb relay card and the manual controls will be put on some longer cabling and put in a motorized drawer in the bottom of the middle of the dash.

        Not doing carpc anymore


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          interested definitely on the windows controlling windows

          dog eats dog

          any direction on ur car pc controlling your car????

          next - wifi


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            oh no!!!! You did not just go there!!

            So ashamed...LOL
            I had a perfect quote to go here,
            but hell only knows what I did with it....


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              yes, i am to very exited about it 2, only problem i have is that currently i blew some relays in the car while fiddling with the wiringharness for the windows, so it's kinda on hold for now....since it's winter i don't need windows for the time being.

              Not doing carpc anymore