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1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

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  • 1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer



    Carnetix 1260 Power supply/regulator
    Casetronic 3688 Case
    Epia MII10000 mainboard
    512mb crucial Ram
    80GB Toshiba Hard Drive
    Panasonic DVD-ROM / CD-RW Sot load slim drive
    Garmin ETrex Legend GPS w/ WAAS
    Xenarc 700TS 7" VGA display

    Hidden Headunit: AIWA 504MP

    Routis for GPS
    Centrafuse for everything else!!!!

    No pics, just a 14meg video, feel free to view, its on VT's bandwith.

    Comments? Suggestions?

    i know i should move the head unit back under the seat.

    Dont mind the dry commentary

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    Nice installation. Everything ran smooth!


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      Thanks! yeah, having known NOTHING about car audio and 12v systems a week before Christmas, i'm impressed with what I came up with. Its not final, im going to do a better job with the wirring once the weather gets better, but I really have to thank the MP3car community for all their help! You guys Rock!

      I think my setup is ideal as far as components. Now thats just my opinion of course, but i really think everything works well, and is a good model for others to use in an SUV.

      I would suggest buying iGuidance however now that Routis is dead, and I would also suggest plaacing the head unit, if you'r going that route, under one of the back seats. The volume controls on centrafuse are perfectly adequate, no need to have access to the head unit at all.


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        Great, well done footage. Looking to do the same in about a month. Working on my Xenarc flush screen as I type. Which cam did u use for footage? Very clean...


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          its a sony digital8, firewire. everythin i've shot with it comes out great, only problem is size, native DV files are HUGE, i have 200 gig of video from Australia cluttering up one hard drive. But yeah, even when compressed into WMV format, it does a good job.


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            Nice job. Good choice of components..!


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              Prindle19 : I really like your install! I also like the fact that you are using the CarNetix unit. I just bought one. How well does it work in terms of engine cranking? I have a 1996 Ford Ranger (see pix below), which is basically the same overall. I want to know though if the CarNetix unit is sufficient enough to keep the machine running while you try to crank the engine? Also, are you going to bondo the screen at all? Think it'd be cool to see what you do with the same dash (almost) as mine. I also noticed you have the same radio as I do too! How funny... Thanks and again great install! -Brett W


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                I LOVE THE CARNETIX unit!!!! THANKS MIKEH!

                Its installed behind the xenarc, with a positive wire with an inline fuse run direct from the positive battery terminal. Then, it is groudned to the stock radio harness, along with the radio in hopes of elimination any potential ground loup problems.

                The only thing you have to make sure you do is remember that the 12V+ and 12V+ignition wires coming of the radio harness do NOT line up color to color with the Carnetix unit

                JP1 Connections
                Carnetix Red = Direct From Battery
                Carnetix Yellow = Ford RED
                Carnetix BLACK = Ford BLACK.

                I have the xenarc, the whole PC, and an xm tuner(12v) coming off of the Carnetix, and it has not failed me yet.

                Survives engine cranking like a champ, and shuts down/starts up perflecty every day...even in this flippin' 14 degree weather....really glad i went with it, the only thing i regret is tha ti didnt see there was the $4.95 additional hookup wire package. Its much easier/cheaper buying that setup