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  • 1999 Buick Regal

    Hi guys,

    I've been an active participant here for a while, but I just realized I've never posted any pictures of my setup. It's not fancy because my wife specified that I can't do anything that'll affect the resale value (eg, no cutting the dash, bondo work, etc).

    I worked on building a pod for my monitor, and I made 4 out of fiberglass & wood, but none of them looked right, so I ended up using the included base for my Lilliput and attaching it to the top of the dash until I could do something better looking.

    Computer is built into the center console, OBD-II interface and power supply under shifter. The GPS is under the dash (perfect reception). USB enclosed drive is under the driver seat.

    M10000 Nehemiah w/ 512megs RAM.
    Opus 90
    Lilliput 7" touchscreen
    8gig laptop drive for OS
    200 gig drive in USB enclosure for music & video
    Shuttle Xpress for input
    BU-303 USB GPS
    BR-3 ( OBD-II interface
    Airlink 802.11b PCI wireless card
    Two USB micro webcams, one for front, one for back. Not used yet, looking for software.
    FM Modulator for sound, not great (some noise)

    Left switch (below) controls power to the accessory line on the opus, right switch controls power to inline FM modulator.
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    Windows are tinted, 50 up front, 20 in back. Helps with glare on LCD, not to mention keeping cool in the LA summer. Of course, now that I'm moving to Oregon, that'll be less important then before.
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      how do you power your hdd encloser?


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        I power it off my Opus 90. I took a standard molex connector Y-Cable and spliced 12v off of it. The enclosure I used takes straight 12v, not 12/5 like my last enclosure, so it was easier to wire. When the computer turns on, the hard drive powers right up. Works great.
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          I'm sure this will sound odd of me to ask this, but how exatly does the Shuttle Xpress controll?

          Jan Bennett
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            It controls GREAT!

            There are five buttons. The leftest button is mapped to Escape. The next one is mapped to the left arrow, which I assigned to previous song. The middle button is Enter, the next button is mapped to Right arrow (which is assigned to next song), and the far right button is assigned to the 'Browse Media' function in MediaEngine. This gives me total control of moving through songs/movies, etc.

            There are two dials. The outer dial is a springload 'Jog' dial, and it's mapped to moving forward and backwards in songs. If you turn is slightly to the right, it sends the 'Seek Backwards' key 5 times a second. If you turn it further, it sends it 10 times a second, further, 15, etc up to like 45 times a second at the extreme. If gives me proportional control so I can nudge my way back and forth with precision (go back 5 seconds or so) or in huge chunks.

            The inner dial is a rotating dial that I have mapped to Up Arrow and Down Arrow. When I'm in a playlist or browse media view, I can go up and down the list using it to find the song I want to hear next.

            The Shuttle Xpress is awesome, I never have to use the touchscreen when driving (total tactile interface).
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              thanks for explaining!
              Jan Bennett
              FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

              Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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                Have you made any progress on the webcam software? I've been searching, but just can't seem to find anything useful..

                Edit: Also, which cams are you using?
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                  nice looks clean and to the point :-D


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                    No progress on webcam software, I've been kinda busy (just moved, changed careers, and got my pilots license since I posted that).

                    I'm actually thinking of moving the computer to the trunk because the wires are a mess, and it's loud (well, the 200 gig HD is) and hard to work on. Both cameras are inert right now, in part because of the crazy wiring situation.
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                      Also.. clean the car up!
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                        That ShuttleXpress looks cool.

                        Can you also use it as some sort of mouse / trackball ?


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                          Nope, it's a pure jog dial and inner scroll wheel. It 'r0x0rs' though. Search for ShuttleXpress and read some of the threads other people have posted.
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