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Seat Leon Cupra Mini-itx based in carPC - Finished!

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  • Seat Leon Cupra Mini-itx based in carPC - Finished!

    hey all

    Check out my website, and keep an eye on this thread, if anyone is interested pictures will be going on tomorrow of my carPC which is now up and running.
    Well chuffed with it.

    It runs mediacar and so usual winamp visualizations work well, divx plays very smoothly and gps works well too
    Havent tested the speedcam warnings yet... but will get that tested sometime next week.

    Its hooked up to a 6 channel jbl amp, so the 4 standard speakers and 2 subs are run from it.

    I have No issues whatsoever with alternator noise etc, and the radio reception is quite good really. Was a bit naff when in town, but its awesome for motorways and most main roads. GPS window is a bit packed with info, but hope to streamline it a bit when i get chance, to make it look better.

    Its a mini-itx system, with a standard 3.5" 20gig samsung harddrive.
    Shall update this asap.

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    Heres the boot, showing a really naff pc lid for the time being.
    I plan to remove this and replace with a perspex lid in a similar colour to the amp cover, and two red cathodes are in the amp, another two will go in the pc case.

    Dash pics to follow.


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      Looking good mate. I have been using your site for inspiration for my own CarPC for my Cupra. Still in the planning stages just now, but if you don't mind, I may well be asking advice from you in the near future. Glad to see it's all up and running now.



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        looks nice but on you're site i can't really find anything about the car?
        my destinator map resource down permanently


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          Url above has all the car info


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            oops.. forgot the link, thanks dave!

            The gps software(esp voice settings) need to be configured and the usb mouse needs to be secured using a velcro pad, but other than that, its running sweet

            I am also gonna get some form of blanking plate to cover over the screen in the dash. This way its a bit more stealthy.


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              Pretty slick... got any neon or LEDs for those subs? If the amp lights up, match with that, otherwise you gotta go green.
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                was thinkin of red lights for the subs, just dunno where to put em.
                Have seen the ring neons, but not sure if thats too tacky or not.
                Who knows.
                Might end up doing it anyway.


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                  photos uploaded in the gallery section - ICE install.


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                    Photos sorted, more uploaded and more info and how-to guides added in guides section and install diary.

                    The screen will be fabricated into the dash better soon, just waiting for better weather to do so. I need somehow, to fabricate a border around the screen to make it look more factory. Otherwise, its running absolutely superb and all i need to do is find a decent location (again, in better weather) for the reversing camera to be placed.


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                      Looks AWESOME!

                      You better come along to the meet on 2/3 April and show it off!

                      Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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                        erm, not sure.. didnt know there was one tbh! so busy with other stuff dammit


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                          bit too far for me to travel tbh.
                          And besides, i dont want to go showing off a nearly finished install - want it pukka first!


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                            Originally posted by Pabs
                            bit too far for me to travel tbh.
                            And besides, i dont want to go showing off a nearly finished install - want it pukka first!

                            People will be there showing off completed, not-quite-completed and no-where-near-completed installs!

                            It's going to be a great weekend (why not come on the Saturday, and split up the driving between 2 days!) and lots of opportunities to get inspiration, have a chat with people, and just generally have a good time!

                            Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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                              Yeh, i actually really wanna come.
                              But, due to recently being cut in job hours, cash is a major problem. I am also going to lots of job interviews and what with moving house as well its all chaos here at the moment.