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200 Taurus SE Install

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  • 200 Taurus SE Install

    i did this a while ago but never posted about it here

    My dad and I finally got this thing all together, here are the pics.

    the touchscreen rigged, the bottom of the screen had to be cut down because it was round opposite of the adapter

    Here are the speakers I put in before, I just didnt take a picture before

    Wiring For Amp (the speaker wires go under that carpet thing and out the handle, which is right where they are located

    Wiring for pc

    all installed and cd player relocated

    Media Engine software, I made my own skin but im not using it in these pics

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    Lots of remotes and a wireless mouse (easier to get around with than the touchscreen

    back of the computer (check out the ps)

    front and amp (now mounted instead of just floating around)

    Playing a video in media engine

    USB cable, hub, and receivers for mouse and keyboard

    remotes mouse and keyboard

    i need to do somn about the case to make it look better


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      Does that guy in the video ride all the way down that handrail???
      In da club....


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        Great install. Nice and clean.

        I see you have an amp. Why not get rid of the headunit?
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          Originally posted by Spaghetti
          Does that guy in the video ride all the way down that handrail???
          Yeah, he 360'd into it also

          I use the HU for cds because i dont have a front disc drive yet, i also use it because i have to have an analog volume knob or i will go crazy

          thanks for the good comments


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            nice job


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              WoW! I want to do almost exactly what you've done on my Taurus!
              Can you point me to instructions on removing the back seat?

              Have you secured the PC or is it just chillin?


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                this is just a suggestion, but you might want to replace those screwcap connectors for some butt connectors or swader and heat shrink, screwcaps are meant for home use because their stationary, but in a car they can come loose from vibration
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