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Toyota Celica PC install...

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  • Toyota Celica PC install...

    Here's some pics of my install...


    I'm using a standard desktop PC (duron 1600, gefore 4, 256mb ram) 8in VGA touchscreen with mediaengine, OPUS power supply and other little bits and bobs

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    Great the suede?!...matches nicely!! also...good work with the monitor. It looks custom.
    Via epia M10000
    12.1" VGA touchscreen
    XP Pro
    OPus 150W
    120 GIG Maxtor
    512 DDR
    Geforce 5500 Videocard
    Audigy NX USB sound card
    Wireless Keyboard & mouse
    Panasonic slim line -slot load
    w/ usb adapter


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      more pic's and more info defo needed, nothing I like better than reading what peeps have done, what problems they have come across and how they have overcome them.. btw like the 8 inch screen.. looks a nice job m8. I love celicas.. still wish i never sold my last one.

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        Cheers Peeps!!

        The dash install is made from fibreglass and the original dash. I had a double din slot and then underneath was an ashtray, cupholder and ciggy lighter. Out with the hacksaw and binned the above . I then used fibreglass to get the holes blanked and extend the double din hole to accomodate the screen. I also had to modify the metalwork behind the dash to allow room for the screen...

        The boot install has 2 floors, 1 in the sparewheel well (hope I don't get a puncture) and this houses the amps, hardrive, opus power supply and power distributers. The 2nd floor is to put the shopping on and of course the carputer !!

        I've also got an EL keyboared built into the glovebox

        I'll get some more pics once I get it cleaned


        P.S. Here's a pic of the car...


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          very nice install! congrats.
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            Very good look, more pic ;o)
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              Just to have Prymenav navigation software installed and working via mediaengine!! Using a sapphire USB GPS reciever mounted on the rear tweeter pod location next to the parcel shelf :-)

              Also have infomap navigator but this is not very good for using in a car...


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                Nice one. What year is your car?? It looks pretty mint!
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                  It's a 5th generation Celica, so I would guess that it's a 1992. The screen looks great, very clean work!


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                    Very nice. Any pic of the kb?
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                      Cheers guys, thankis for the props !!...the car's a 1994 model (same as the 92) I'll take some more pickies...whats kb ??


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                        Oh, sorry, I ment keyboard. Do you have any neons in the trunk?
                        Renault Megane...the OEM look

                        The Lost in Europe Ford Escort


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                          5th Gen.. '90 to '93...

                          I have a '90 GTS Hatchback.. Silver.. love it.. 5spd.. it's great.. only thing I need is the engine swap.

                          Anyway, I looked through the entire forum and at the very last page at the bottom I find this 5th Gen Celica.. I was so hoping to find one and I did!

                          I like how you put the LCD in there.. It gives me idea's.. however I don't think it really would work for me.. I'd like to go with an 8 or 9" LCD.. I don't wanna lose my cup holders though.. I didn't have them in my '89 corolla coupe and it fricken drove me crazy.. Not to mention I lose my head unit spot..

                          I've been thinking of where to actually set the computer up.. I'm all into discrete.. out of eye-site real clean installations..

                          So I'm thinking under one of the front seats.. mounted to the bottom of the seat so it doesn't sit on the floor.. Probably do a track-ball install somewhere in the center console... Make up a bracket with USB and some other plugs and put it on the side of the head unit plastic.. like where the passenger's left leg would be..


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                            From your pic it looks like a short shifter swap is definitly needed in order to not block the screen.. if I go down to the bottom where the ash tray would sit.. and go out wider.. I could get quite a big screen in there... Any thoughts guys on a good real sharp screen for a decent dollar... As low profile as possible as well.. thin as possible..