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Subaru Legacy GT Limited – Install Complete

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  • Subaru Legacy GT Limited – Install Complete

    The Car: 1998 Subaru Legacy GT Limited (BD)

    The Engine Swap underway: 05’ WRX ej20 + 5mt Turbo (285HP)

    The Car-PC:

    VIA EPA M10000
    512MB RAM
    160GB Drive
    DVD, GPS, WiFi
    USB 2.0 Hub
    7” Lilliput, OBD-II
    OPUS 150W
    Pioneer HU w/AUX

    7” Lilliput VGA Touch Screen & Pioneer HU:

    Front-End (daytime skin):

    ODB-II ECM Monitoring:

    GPS Navigation:

    MP3 Player:




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    WiFi Access:

    Wireless (Cell) Dial-Up Access:

    IR Keyboard w/Integrated Mouse:

    Relocated Removable Face:

    Custom Box:

    Box, Trunk View:

    Box, Interior View:

    This is a Before pic...

    The Car-PC is primarily intended for engine management and monitoring once my engine swap is complete. I’ll be running Delta-Dash via the Subaru select protocol with access to over 30 analogue data signals available on a WRX ECM. For management I’m considering either AccessPort or UTEC with on-board tuning on the fly!

    The GPS wouldn’t gain a strong enough signal anywhere inside the interior therefore it had to be mounted on the roof. The WiFi adapter is installed out of sight under the rear deck yet still positioned out the rear window for strong signal strength.

    The mobo, all peripherals, lilliput, and USB 2.0 hub are all driven from the 150W OPUS regulated 12v and 5v outputs. Quick disconnects on the OPUS allow me to run out an extension cord and plug in a DC power supply and operate on house power for lengthy maintenance and upgrades. Remote control can also be enabled to access the system from inside my house while performing upgrades or data transfers.

    For more detailed pictures and information visit my web gallery HERE!


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      that is a freakin amazing install. I've always loved subarus since I owned my 1990 legacy L. Once again amazing install. Good luck on the engine swap and such.


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        Nice car, nice install, and nice mods-on-the-way

        I don't think I've ever seen one of those LGTs on the road. Then again, I haven't seen a new one yet either.

        I'll also be running Delta Dash on the carputer. The actual install begins as soon as I figure out where to put all these amps without losing too much trunk space.
        2005 Subaru Legacy GT
        Status: 40% - starting install

        • AMD Sempron 3100, Biostar K8NHA PRO mobo, 512 meg DDR, WD 200 gig SATA, Opus 150, Xenarc
        • JBL GTi 6.5 fr, JBL 5.25 rr, (3) JBL 75x2 & 1 1200x1 amps, PA MOFO 12 sub


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          Man that’s a sweet Legacy you have there yourself

          I also just picked up an 05’ Legacy Outback 2.5i Limited for my wife’s daily driver. Had to shy away from the Turbo however due to the gas mileage. Besides my Legacy will be the fast car in the family, hers can be the fuel efficient one…


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            Great Install

            Kudos on the install. What front end are you running?


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              Thanks for your comments...

              I’m using FrodoPlayer with the “Brushed Aluminum” skin. I’ve tried a number of skins out there but keep coming back to the Brushed. It seems to be one of the easier skins to use while driving.


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                Awesome work man, seems profesionally installed, looking at the cables and such...
                List of front-ends/usefull apps
                XTroniC | XTroniC Direct


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                  Awesome combo!!!
                  Good luck with the swap.

                  "It does not understand, if it does not ride."

                  M10000, 512 Mb, 2,5" 40G, Slim DVD, Opus 90W, Xenarc 7", Leadtek 9532 GPS,
                  RoadRunner, MapMonkey, Pioneer HU, Pioneer 4 ch 400W, Kappa 6.5, Basslink X 200W


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                    Looks great! If only I could get mine working now.


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                      great install it looks sooo clean! it would look sweet if you carpeted the dvd player lol to make it look like the box. also i have a ? why would you do the whole radio face extension mod if the radio is right behind it? isnt it kind of pointless? wouldnt it be more reliable and stable if you just mounted it on the radio how its supposed to be?
                      i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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                        One of the greatest freakin' amazing awesome installs I've ever seen... Clearly you're a neat and detail oriented person... I absolutely LOVE your case and where it's positioned, wires are run neatly, monitor's mounted neatly... just clean clean clean altogether man... I don't even know what to tell you... Just a BIG thumb up!!

                        oh and.. freakin' awesome car too!!!!
                        VER. 3.0- Check out below:
                        車コンピュータ 3.0


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                          What is that keyboard you are using?
                          Take my advice: Do not try to build a system that includes EVERY feature. Start with the basics, build it to a bug free state, and THEN add on.


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                            Hey dude! First off, lovely work on your install.

                            Secondly, I'm about to attempt to do the same! As an installer of car audio for the past seven years I don't think I will run into much issues but this carPC business is quite new to me. So, how did you go about mounting the screen and did you run into any issues with size. How is the screen mounted to front fascia?

                            Thank you for any replies.



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                              Originally posted by Will Albers
                              What is that keyboard you are using?
                              +1 i am also looking for that keyboard
                              '04 WRX