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2005 Subaru STi

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  • 2005 Subaru STi


    All updates will be posted there from now on... See my sig for link, as well.

    The new stuff from it can be found in my last post at the end of this thread. I'm tired of editing this first post.



    I decided to keep the old pics at the end of this post in order to contrast the new system with the old.

    Because of the flash you cant see it, but behind the acrylic STi logo is a pair of red laser LEDs that makes the computer and acrylic glow in a brilliant red. That's the computer behind the acrylic. It's hard to take a good pic of it.

    MUCH THANKS goes to my buddy Steve without whom the trunk would still look like it does below.

    As you can see, I've upgraded quite a bit. Added 2 12" Rockford Fosgate Subwoofers powered by an Audiopipe. I am still running the stock speakers because I dont care if they blow. The old amp is back where it belongs, on a shelf in my closet. Replaced by a JL Audio 300/4 Slash series amp. And when you're using amps like this, on-board audio just wont cut it. I put in the Audigy2 ZS PCI soundcard.
    Now my audio system scares the neighbors. Muahahaha.

    As for the aesthetics. Steve and I custom-built the housing for the two woofers to fit the trunk. Well, we built the entire housing you see in the pictures above. Took about a week of intensive labor. The color is designed to emulate the interior of the STi. If you dont know it, check out some of the other pictures. It looks really good and it's soft and smooth.

    Updated Specs:
    1. Epia Via M10000
    2. Opus 150W
    3. 120Gig 3.5" 7200 RPM 8MB cache Western Digital Harddrive
    4. 512 MB RAM
    5. In-Dash Xenarc prepared by Audiomotivegruppe
    6. 4-port USB 1.1 hub where the ash tray used to be
    7. 2 switches (on the left side of the steering column; one kills the power to the screen and the other interrupts the IGN signal to the OPUS so I can keep the computer off even when I start the car if I so desire.
    8. JL Audio 300/4 Slash Series Amplifier
    8.3 Audiopipe 2-channel subwoofer amplifier
    8.6 A pair of 12" Rockford Fosgate Subwoofers
    9. Frodoplayer
    10. 5700+ mp3s, 20+ movies, 20+ music videos (Still using less than 50% of the harddrive)
    11. Griffin PowerMate [Not pictured]
    12. Cross-over cable from ethernet port in trunk up through center armrest console. [Allows me to connect my laptop for EASY and FAST updates, plus then I can use the laptop wireless for internet] [Also not pictured]
    13. IGuidance v2.1 & Royaltek Sapphire GPS receiver [Not pictured]
    14. Blue sound-activated LEDs mounted inside the front center two A/C vents [Not pictured]
    15. Red laser LEDs highlighting the custom laser-etched acrylic piece with the STi logo [Pictured, but you cant see the lights]
    16. Months of blood, sweat, and tears.
    17. The secret ingredient is love.


    Finally got it all installed. Of course, it's a work in progress. Has anyone ever said "Thank god my install is finally done"?

    The next step is definitely to find a better way to mount the computer. For now, it is housed in the shell of an old Dell desktop. I am going to build a nice plexi-glass case for it in the next few weeks. Until then, nothing else goes in the trunk, and I have to take it easy around turns. I dont think the 4 bungee cords holding the computer down can handle the 300 horsepower that my car can dish out.

    Here are some pics (in alphabetical order). They're big, so these are just thumbnails. Click on the links for the full-size versions.

    The Amp

    Ashtray Closed



    See how nice and flush the monitor is?

    Ashtray open. See the USB hub in there?

    The two switches

    The USB hub

    Some visualizations

    Also, here are a few links to movies I made of the functionality, though it's basically just a run-through of what frodoplayer can do, so you all most-likely wont see anything you haven't seen before.

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    Very nice.

    A new case and your set. You sure you want plexiglass for that cool look, or you can go with a speaker box for a clean plush look.

    I had 3 plexi cases in my cars, and I decided on a speakerbox for the STi. I too need a new case and mobo but for now mine has done well for 1 1/2 years in the STi.
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    Relocating headunit and extending faceplate
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      Very impressive! It looks great!


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        I love that everyone on this particular thread has an STi. That's really funny.
        A car without turbo is a car with perpetual lag.

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          Very nice… Now with that much HP how do manage taking your eyes of the road???

          Hey question with the Opus kill switch, does that simply kill ACC power or do you have a relay or something wired up to kill the constant power too (i.e. you mentioned long trips away)…

          Sweet Setup...


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            Well, the theory behind the OPUS kill switch is just to have it cut the main power to the OPUS. I would only use it after shutting down the PC manually and only when going on a trip for a long period of time. Just a back-up power kill, just in case.

            Now, of course, I think something went wrong with the wiring and I dont think it really does what I want it to. BUT IT WILL... someday.

            P.S. Okay, not just STi's anymore. But still a Subaru thread!
            A car without turbo is a car with perpetual lag.

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              Looks great!!
              (Thread now invaded by a Nissan, but I've driven a Suburu before... )
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                All the Subaru’s come out from their dark places…

                I notice you don’t have an aftermarket gauge console yet. Do you plan on running some engine monitoring via the new Carputer? Maybe DeltaDash or tune on the fly with a UTEC or something?


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                  This thread needs another comment from a subaru owner!

                  Good Job! Wish I had a STi
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                    i'd like to add nice movie choice...DUDE!.....SWEET!!!!
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                      Here comes the Honda. And I've never driven a scooby.

                      Nice install.
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                        Very nice work so far. One of the cleanest screen installs I have seen in quite a while!

                        Did you have to do any additional modification to the back of the A.C. controls to fit the lower part of the screen behind the dash?
                        Also, is it just me, or does the centre console seem to point more towards the passenger than the driver?

                        P.S. Kudos for including a shot of Jennifer Garner in one of her earliest movie apperances. Ther deserves at least an extra ten points on it's own! <--AV--
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                          You know I've never before realized that is Jennifer Garner. And I watch that movie all the time. And no, the AC controls are completely unadulterated, the screen fits perfectly. As for the console... it might just be the angle of the pictures, the screen & the console aim pretty much straight back towards the back seat, not favoring either driver or passenger sides.

                          I was thinking about getting a deltadash system going, but I think that I'd rather not mess with the ECU just yet. I know I will eventually, but for now I am too dependent on the car for transportation to risk screwing around with the ECU.
                          A car without turbo is a car with perpetual lag.

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                            Adding another of Fuji Heavy industries finest to the list....

                            Awesome install.....screen turned out real nice

                            I have been toying with the idea of upgrading from my scoob to the new one, cant decide if its worthwhile or not, but seeing the pc may change my mind
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                              Man, You have my next car. Nice install.
                              This post college life is a real drag