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97 Caravan system

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  • 97 Caravan system

    This is the system I had in my Caravan. I have since moved into a Sienna and gotten down to 1 screen, but this old system turned more heads. I'll post some of the Sienna soon.

    The Caravan system had a 10" datalux monitor mounted on drawer slides that retracted into the center console. The keyboard was also on drawer slides and moved up/down with the screen. I used one worm drive to move both of them. The best way I found was with a power window switch because I didn't always want it to go down. In the dash is a 5" am/fm/tv with a changer and the small screen on the right is a Pathmaster nav unit.
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    Man, Voyagers and Caravans are popping up all over the place. I'm about to post some pics of my basic install soon. Could you take more pics of the drawer mechanism? I've been thinking a lot about how to put a screen in my Voyager (Damn Chrysler..they made it so hard to put a screen in their minivan..), and any input would be helpful.
    1999 Plymouth Voyager (That's right, big-pimpin' in a minivan.)
    PC built into console
    worklog with pics:

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      ckeck ou tmy old car. I used to have a 98 grand caravan...



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        looking forward to sienna pics! We just picked up an 05 sienna for my wife and she's excited for the carputer! (she's such a good wife)


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          If anybody has some ideas on an in-dash 7" lilliput for an '05 Sienna, I'd like to hear about it!


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            I relocated the factory radio and used a dash kit to mount the computer screen. I used the 8" lilliput because I hate dealing with the widescreen monitors. I prefer to keep it square like my desktop monitor. I am very happy with the lilliput. I am sorry for the long delay on pics, but will take some tomorrow and post them.


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              Any chnace of looking at those pics?


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                finnman925... pics my man!

                Hey Finnman, you are the leader, the king, the trail blazer! We are anxiously awaiting some inspiration. I would love to see the the results and get more info on your carputer project.

                I am pretty much ready to take the plunge after my laptop had a dead battery on the last trip. Besides, I'm over giving up my armrest so we can watch bob the builder. I sure would like to call up BB and send it back to the (fictitious) rear screens while I search on mappoint for a faster route...

                thanks in advance!


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                  sorry, i just had to say that.