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  • Volvo removable carpc

    I'm using my CarPC for a while now, but untill now i wasn't able to share it with you all. Now i can!

    My goal was to build a easy to remove system:
    1) The monitor because of theft risk
    2) The system because it's handy for updating
    3) The whole thing, because i buy a new car every now and then. (want to keep the car stock)

    Surf to and check it out
    Have a look at My carPC

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    Very nice install... I like it.

    Great website too! Very informative... Where did you put the CPU in the car though?

    Edit: nevermind, just saw that part... but what about when someone sits in that seet? Their feet rest on the computer?


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      Nice install.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences.

      : Jetway J7F2 1.5Ghz Mainboard : Cubid 3688 : CarNetix CNX-P1260 :
      : Netgear 802.11g PCMCIA : 2 x LinITX 7" Screens :
      : BU353 USB GPS Mouse : Panasonic UJ845 DVDRW :


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        When someone sits behind the passenger seat, his/her feet rest on the system case indeed. the floor is only 5.5 cm higher.
        The solid steel case can deal with the pressure easily. (I didn't try to stand on it with my total of 85 kg, but then again, you're not able to stand up in a volvo estate )
        Have a look at My carPC


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          I would be worried about someone kicking a wire or part or putting too much pressure on it when getting into the car or moving around.


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            Nice install man, nice car too!

            In the beginning I was planning a removable install too... it somehow got out of hand

            Way to go!
            List of front-ends/usefull apps
            XTroniC | XTroniC Direct


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              @domisi: The wires are all under the seat, even if you try, you can't reach them with your feet Also, the whole thing is covered with a exact fitting floor mat. Dont have to worry at all.
              Have a look at My carPC