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98 Volkswagen Passatputer

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  • 98 Volkswagen Passatputer

    Finally. After a lot of planing, collecting and time...


    It's done. it has it's glitches and tweaks that it still needs, but it's in the car.


    PIII 500 MHz Slot1 Pocessor
    Noname Motherboard
    356 Ram (should be 512 but I need t exchange the ram)
    Geforce 4 MX440 VGA card (running at 800X480/61 Hz with Powerstrip )
    Slim DVD drive with IDE converter
    Opus 150W PSU (needs a little tweaking)
    Xenarc 700TSV (will be hardwired to opus)
    Microsoft USB Wifi adapter
    Rikaline 6010 USB GPS mouse
    Xp Pro SP2, Frodoplayer, CF, Iguidance2, tons of movies/mp3s

    Alpine CDA-9807 Headunit
    Kicker SS8 sub
    Planet Audio VX1002 100WX2 Amp

    1998 Volkswagen Passat GLS
    1.8L 4cylinder Turbo engine
    K&N Airfilter
    Projector Headlights with Silvania Sylverstar bulbs plus blue citylight mod
    Costum shifterboot
    Beltronics Vector 995 Radardetector (will be hardwired also)
    Custom "H" Counrty code sticker (I'm a proud Hungarian after all)
    Costum Licensplate.

    So thats it for the text, now let the pics come...
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      more... more... more...
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        thats the pics for now. will get better ones later. Shoot me some feedback baby!
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          what is that on the lcd when da rude sandstorm is playing? is it the start of a dvd (the road one) or is it a visualisation/???
          CarPC Status:

          Hardware: 100%
          Software: 100%
          Case Install: 100%
          Dash Install: 100%
          Car Install: 100%

          crap factor: 100%

          new carpc finished, thinking of way to mount HDD
          and not installed yet.


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            it's a pic included in the skin for Frodoplayer.


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              looks good
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                Awesome! I thought you didn't have clear front repeaters, and I didn't think you have xenon headlights? The trunk looks as clean as it can be. You really should think about moulding the Xenarc in dash...The Passat is not only a good looking car, but a computer friendly one as well...Nice job!
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                  i am going to mount it in dash, but i have to get a diferent bazel, and bracket for the bazel. with time it comes true too...


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                    Looks good, damn i wish i had soemwhere to put my PC like that!

                    how is that P3 500 going?


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                      you wouldn't belive, but it's actually pretty good. I thought i will be suffering from "oomphness" but not that bad. It's slow on boot (i didn't measure it yet) but once it's in there, it's ok. My only problem right now i that i have to go to the back when turning it on. The opus is acting up, or maybe i wired it wrong. BC when i plug it in it automaticly turns on, even if the is off. I plugged a lead from the back of the stereo, that tells the AMP when to turn on. so i think it should be like whenever i turn on the stereo the amp and the pc turns on, and the same to off. Anoter thing is, that when i shut it down, XP sas it's safe to turn off the pc now, and nuttin happens. any solutions?


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                        As for the problem, is the bios power management set right?


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                          I'll check that... another problem. with the hitty roads around here and all the bumps, the videocard slides out of the AGP slot. have to find a way to mount it there. maybe ill se some god ol' Priority tape...


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                            Did you wedge the stock Xenarc stand in the AC control?


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                              Originally posted by domisi
                              Did you wedge the stock Xenarc stand in the AC control?
                              yes. i will eventualy mount it indash, but i need to get a double din bazel and brackets to it. that has to wait for now...