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  • Scion XB everything in dash

    Hey guys, I had to throw this up so all three Scion versions are on page 1. Anyway, here's my 2005 Scion XB.

    After removing the top of the dash, this is what I had to work with.

    Trial fit of motherboard, opus, and xm tuner

    Added harddrive and wireless network card

    It's ugly, but it works

    Fiberglassed the 8" xenarc (don't laugh, I'll redo it when I get some time off)

    Slot load dvd mounted right behind the screen

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    awwe man wheres the pics at?


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      It's a stealth install.

      He just forgot to add .gif to the file names.
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        looks good....i like how you integrated the dvd drive into the console behind the screen


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          that looks tight! i almost got a xb but the deal didnt work out so i was like **** it lol but if i ever had to buy a new car it would be a xb just to play around with


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            Thanks Kimax, it actually wasn't as hard as I thought. I just cut a hole in the top and mounted it against the screen. Fiberglassing the plastic cover would"ve looked better but it was just to flimsy for me to do.
            Xdjxklusivex, I've had it for almost a year now (although it was in the shop for over a month of that) and definately recommend it. Soo many different things you can do to's like a civic but everybody and their grandma doesn't own one.

            Specs are as follows"
            epia M9000
            60gb 2.5" hdd
            slim slot dvd
            8" xenarc ts
            slim linksys wireless network
            gps coming withing the month

            audio specs
            alpine 7894
            arc audio xxk 1500
            image dynamics idmax12
            stock speakers (upgrading to mbquarts in a couple months)


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              I love scions and how they're made for the "tuner" world. Wish there'd be as many parts for my Saturn.
              Anyways, I think this is a great install. You do need to sand out a few things on that fiberglass mold to make it look factory, but I think it's not gonna be too hard.
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                damn never thought about taking the top of the dashboard off, wonder how much space i have up there
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                  good job on hiding all the stuff back there your braver then me. I'm going to utilize the massive space under the passenger seat to just put a regular mini-atx case in there and somehow secure it down maybe carpet it so it doesn't stand out.

                  i just couldn't see myself taken apart the whole dash, just bought it last week >_<;
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                    looks good, but only problem i think u will face is winter, u will have mobo heated up when u turn up the vents with hot air


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                      Nice install!!
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                        could you contact me about your installation of your single din head unit in the lower dash?


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                          Seriously that dash was made for a fab work, love the space.

                          Does that little pocket close up with the HU on the bottom?
                          Consider putting the dvd drive under the screen and dropping the buttons all together? Perhaps leaving just the power and infra-led for remote.
                          Mine needs to be updated.