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  • 1998 Dodge Avenger

    Hey folks, thought I'd post my system since a good portion of it was purchased at mp3car and I got a lot of info on building the system on these forums. At the same time of building the computer I also put together a nice sound system. All mtx electronics. Custom fiberglass box with custom amp racks.

    Carputer specs:
    Win XP Pro
    2.0ghz Celeron
    512mb DDR ram
    60gb hard drive
    Slot load dvd player
    opus 150w psu
    xenarc screen
    mini keyboard
    Garmin GPS/n-route
    obd-II connector w/ software
    usb wireless internet card

    The computer comes on and off with the radio. (ignition wire on opus to remote turn on lead on headunit) It was obvious that the opus was not going to put inside the case, so I mounted it on the case, dremeled out holes and such and it seems to work fine. Also mounted the case in the car on some shock mounts (the ones that come with an MSD coil, to be exact) Since the computer is sitting right above two huge 12" subs, I thought it would be necessary. Check it out:

    Progress pics of the system here:

    There are some pics of a bezel in there that was being made, however I ran out of time, and it will require a lot of time to relocate the HVAC controls to the glove box. They're a real pain in the ***. Maybe I'll put the screen into the dash later.

    More pics of the car here:

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    nice use of the trunk space..

    Motherboard: Epox MATX
    Power: M2-ATX
    Storage: 120gb 3.5"
    Optical: Slim Slot cdrw/dvd
    Audio: SB Audigy 2
    GPS: BU-353 & iGuidance 4
    OS: Win FLP (Fundamentals)
    Frontend: Roadrunner (DFX 3 & 4)


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      How did you build and secure those enclsures that the amps sit on? Fiberglass? Wood? This is the exact same setup I am pursuing. Thanks.
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        Looks really nice! Did you by any chance make the leather interiour?
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          yes, the enclosures are fiberglass. See the build pics. They sit on pieces of brushed stainless steel and 1/2" steel spacers

          The interior is katskinz. I installed everything and painted the entire interior. Everything used to be grey except for the dash. Carpet is also aftermarket.


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            Thought more people would be interested to see a celeron in a small case like that...


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              Just a little update.

              I'm a little scared of all the heat that is in the trunk and have been leaving the computer unplugged. Any ideas/knowledge on how I should handle this summer heat if at all?


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                I think you'd have to do some duct work or some other creative idea. In Texas (where I live) It gets upwards of 130ish inside my Jeep, I dont think a computer would run well enough in that much heat. That being said. I assume (you know what assuming does ya?) your amps, awesome I must add, haven't overheated, so I suppose you could be just fine. I have a CPU, HD, VGA, and Ambient Temp monitors in my home computer, really helps me be aware of whats going on, perhaps get a temp probe and test it out.

                People have gotten pretty creative when it comes to cooling, seach abit.

                All of that aside. You have an awesome trunk setup. I'm guessing those are either 7500's or 8500's by the size of those amps. Glad to see another MTX fan out there.
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                  Yeh, the amps have been fine, but I'm not really pushing them hard during the day. They don't have celeron processors in em either.. hah. I have the same type of monitors in my home computer as well.

                  I'm reading around the forums a bit more. One of the obvious problems I need to fix is the passenger side bracket blocking the two fans in the case. It doesn't block them completely, and is a little more then a cm away from them, but I'd imagine that the computer would run cooler if there was more air flow there.

                  Thanks for the comments. The speakers are 7500's. I spent too much on the computer Going to be putting some red leds in the setup as soon as I get some time. Putting a ram head in the floor as well.


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                    Love the trunk. That thing is drool worthy.

                    Awesome work man, you've done good.
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                      Ok this is a completly ridiculous idea. But I was thinking of it during class today. Perhaps you could add some side vents. Normally in the engine area, but maybe you could blend one in the trunk area if you dont mind cutting a hole or two. While you wont get colder air, you'll get some faster moving air in there and move the super-heated air out.

                      Again I was thinking of this during class, just a thought
                      Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
                      Kenwood X790 x/ iP500 Ipod Interface
                      Elemental Designs 13Kv.2 D2
                      CDT ES-620 (omg yayay!!!1)
                      NINe.2X, NINe.2