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2005 Subaru Forester XT dual screens Dialup BEWARE

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  • 2005 Subaru Forester XT dual screens Dialup BEWARE


    Pictures in this post have been updated with the new DWW-750J Screen that I installed today. It is replacing the DWW-700M which was having a lot of problems. Less flashy, but it seems to be working better. Pictures were taken with the screen brightness at about 15 for night driving. Which is why it looks so dim.Take a look:

    Howdy, I just finished the new carputer out, in the new car. Her name is Alice. After the untimley demise of the old carputer due to getting the new car, and having too pull everything out of the old one. (although I'd say it's worth it). The new system is as follows:

    Motherboard: Migrus M4-845Q
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz, 400 MHz FSB
    RAM: 512 MB
    Video Card: ATI Radeon 9250 PCI
    PSU: Opus: 150
    Hard Drive: 120 GB Maxtor
    Sound Card: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX
    Screens: DWW-750J
    .............Dww-7VGA (taken out of the in dash mechanism and mounted in the shroud)

    HU: Alpine 9855
    Door Speakers: Front - JL Audio XR650-CSi
    .....................Rear - Alpine SPS-171A
    Subwoofers: 2 Kicker CompVR 10" in a custom downfire box
    Amplifiers: Door Speakers - JL Audio 300/4
    ...............Subwoofers - Kicker KX 350.4 Bridged

    The screens are set up so that the top one always shows GPS. Nothing else. (this can obviously be changed, but I like it this way) It means much less distance from my eyes too the road if I'm glancing at the GPS screen while driving.
    Ok, now with all that nonsense out of the way, here are some pictures. More will come up in the next day or so as I get the chance to take some more.

    A few pics of the car itself

    Both Screens Open

    Up Close Open


    The PC under the passenger seat

    The Navi Screen power switch, and the PC Power Switch

    Sub Box

    I will get more pics posted soon. Hope you enjoy

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    Wow, nice. Looks pretty stock when the in-dash screen is folded away. Dual screens would be awesome, I'm always running out of room in my Lilliput

    I always think I'm downloading pictures of a WRX when a picture of a Forester starts to load and hasn't got down to the headlights yet.

    Good work though, turned out nice!
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      Wow that is nice

      I don't know anyone who keeps their first carputer after "tweaking" them.

      She looks beautiful.

      Is that Map Monkey running?
      Spent all my money on carputers now I have to work a real job.


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        It's FreeDrive. running. I also have Map Monkey on there, but it's been giving me a lot of crap in this install for some reason. Not allowing the PC to shut down properly. So Unless I can get that resolved, I'll be sticking with Free Drive


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          nice install i like it, good to see dual screens
          how are you running the gps off svid or composite i suppose right? cause the card only puts out one vga
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            thats not the same one as I have. WTF is up with making so many different versions of a card with the same name. To clarify this is the card I have. It's the CompUSA version of the 9250 with 128 MB Mem on it. It's a dual head card, one DVI and one VGA. Just using a DVI-->VGA adaptor.


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              I am a little curious how you get the screens to stay that way, are you using software to always run GPS on one?

              When I set mine up it will be dual screen, well sort of. I want the front screen to be my controls and gps and the back headrest screens be for movies only and I am a little curious how to set that up.



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                For mine I just used the settings in the GPS software setup to move the window to 801. Because both screens are set to 800x600 this moves it over to the right screen (which is mounted above).


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                  That is one sick setup, great job.
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                    Originally posted by techy101
                    For mine I just used the settings in the GPS software setup to move the window to 801. Because both screens are set to 800x600 this moves it over to the right screen (which is mounted above).

                    Thanks! And that is great work there!


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                      Unfortunately in the next two weeks I will be replacing the DWW-700M. It has some problems, most noteably with the motor mechanism getting the screen out, and problems with the Touch Screen, and colors on the screen. The nice people over at Digital World Wide have been VERY helpful with this, and are making it a pain free process. I am not sure which screen I will be swapping it out with yet, but I will keep things posted. I will be going into more detail on my screen problems in the LCD forums. But I can't express how well DigitalWW has been treating me with this issue. This is my second screen from them, and I will keep going back. A+ to them.


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                        that looks sick dude. . .where in orlando are you from, i work in altamonte everyday
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                          I actually live in Winter Park. Near University and 436 area.


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                            Is that the JAP Nav pod for the GPS screen or was it completely custom built? How much did you get it for and from where?


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                              Yea it is the same as the Japanese nav pod AFAIK. It looks the same. I ordered it as the newer "gauge pack housing" expecting it be the same single din one that I'd seen on other Subaru's. The piece was more expensive than it used to be also, at $120, but I decided I'd just go on and do it since my fab skills leave a LOT to be desired (as became evident in my last car). I got it straight from a subaur dealer.