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Finally finished CarPC install and trunk Bandwidth Warning!

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  • Finally finished CarPC install and trunk Bandwidth Warning!

    As the title says, I finally got around to finish installing my goodies the day before my hometown's car show.

    first pic is kinda far away but it shows my custom enclosurebuilt for my 13W6V2

    next 2 shots are different angles of the head unit relocation and the touchscreen.

    final shot is of my custom built PC under the passenger seat.

    ATX 250w Keytronic DC-DC PSU
    AMD XP2500+ barton Overclocked to 2.2GHz
    Abit NF7-S Motherboard
    1GB Corsair 3200 DDR running in Dual Channel
    40 GB 7200RPM Hitachi travelstar Laptop Hard Drive
    16X Slimline DVDROM stealth mounted in Armrest
    Custom Aluminum/Smoked Plexiglass computer case by CShoults Customz

    comments and suggestions are welcome.

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    Nice Install, I love the LCD and case. Your carputer specs are really close to what I originally planed for my carputer. I still plan to use the parts but windows was acting odd and I just used my backup option, lol. Also where did you get that PSU and how much does it cost?


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      I forgot where i got it but it was cheaper than directly from Keypower, somewhere around $180 shipped. Thanks though, I had a hard time getting everything to work..


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        Do you have GPS setup or planning too btw? Or will it just be used for music and videos mainly?


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          I do plan on getting GPS eventually, anyways.


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            pix of the steath mounted dvd would be cool too
            nice install
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              Nice job dude!! Looks great.
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                Looks good..

                You have a LARGE muffler...
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                  I will get a pic of the DVD later today hopefully, not really stealthed as much as hidden though.


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                    Looks awesome!

                    Where's the amp?
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                      Very NICE! I think u did a great a job with the LCD man...
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                        I have the amp in the spare tire well, and a false flor covering it. Will post more pics if you guys are interested. LCD bezel was made by MP3Car forums very own PHC. But thanks for the comments.


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                          nice install ! Post more pics !

                          Question about the OC though....isn't it a bit too much? I'm running a 2500 barton myself and if clocked down to 1100MHz could NOT really see any drastic performance gains compared to clocked normally at 1850MHz. Don't get me wrong - my home setups are all OC'd.
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                            the is oc is how I had it when it was in the house. I didnt change it cause it has not shown signs of getting hot yet. If I start experiencing heat eralated issues I will drop it back to stock settings.


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                              PM Sent!

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