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BMW Z3 2.8 Roadster Install

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  • BMW Z3 2.8 Roadster Install

    Well Iíve been browsing this forum for a few weeks and joined today.

    I was amazed at some of the recent installs and decided I must have a go .

    Morex cubid 3688 mini-itx case
    Epia CL10000 mini-itx motherboard
    M1-ATX 90w Intelligent PSU 6-24v Input.
    2.5Ē 20GB Laptop Hard Drive
    CD-DVD Laptop Combo Drive
    512 DDR 400 Memory
    Xenarc 7Ē LCD Touch Screen Monitor
    FM Modulator (Maplin)
    USB TV Card

    My Car computer is now up and running although Iím temporally using a Dash mounted Xenarc 7Ē touch screen until I can get hold of a motorised one with FM radio TV and its own 50w amp to replace the BMW Head Unit if they ever become available.

    The 3688 case fits in place of the Cd changer in the boot with all the wiring tucked under the centre console and a fuse box mounted in the boot

    I wanted to fit a USB Hub into the car so I could use a keyboard and mouse and also needed a place to put the FM Modulator switch so I fabricated a plastic plate to house these and made it fit the little storage compartment in the rear of the centre console along with 2 audio jacks in just in case I need them.
    I managed to fit the modulator under the centre console by removing the gear knob and gator. thereís enough room there just.

    The GPS mouse is magnetised so I just stick it outside near the boot lid and when I park up just pop it in the boot.

    Finally I bought a 5v TV booster from maplin and modified it so the antenna part mounts were the towing ring goes in the rear bumper and the booster just sits in the boot.

    Media engine
    Power DVD
    InfoMap Navigator
    Win TV.
    I still need some speed camera software that will run on a PC and not a Hand Held.

    Everything works fine even at speed, only snag is the screens mounted in a bad place so it catches the sun and makes it difficult to see sometimes, a new Lilliput motorised screen in place of the stock radio should overcome this I hope if they ever become available.
    How did I do?
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    BMW Z3 2.8 Roadster Install

    Just a few more pic's
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      That's a sweet looking install man!

      Interesting place for an aerial too...
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        nice install. That is a interesting place for th aerial, but isn't that where the tow hitch is? what would you do if you needed the car towed?
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        512 Ram - 60GB HD - Opus 150w
        Lilliput 7" - Rikaline 6010
        [00000000000001100010-] 98% Completed

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          u did all the in a week?? mines taken me over year and its still now complete.. i better get a move on
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            BMW Z3 2.8 Roadster Install

            Thanks guys

            If I ever need a tow I would rather it be a forward one but if I need to use the rear one the antenna just pulls of and the ring fits with the wire in place.

            The reason I put the antenna there is if I sell the car I can just buy a new blank then its back to stock, all the install was done with this in mind.

            I thought it had taken forever to complete the install but hey thatís me.


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              nyce job can we get more pics of the car? and further away from the screen? sick car btw!
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                very nice! I like!
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                  BMW Z3 2.8 Roadster Install

                  These are all I have at the mo so I will try and take some tomorrow but I'm no David bailey mind:
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                    luv the calipers!!!!!!!!!!! I just ordered paint to do mine so i can be like you

                    course you probably actually have brembos or something hu?
                    Peep MY TYTE WHIP yo! It's got too many ill mods to list!


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                      Looks like you have the same problem in your install as I have in mine: Space.

                      The monitor mount and the FM modulator arent the graeatest, but It looks like you have a brilliant (as they say in the UK )start

                      Nice antenna placement, too.
                      Is this where the witty comment goes?
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                        Nice car man, nice install in fact nice everything love that vented spair wheel cover in the trunk

                        The callipers and discs are all new but stock items; the AC wheels show so much of the brakes they looked naff in rust, only used red hammerite though.


                        I suppose space is always going to be a problem with a two seater but Iím quite happy with the way it turned out, just need the new Lilliput all in one screen when it comes out.
                        I think the antenna looks quite neat on the bumper, didnít fancy drilling the bodywork and one stuck to the screen would look hideous I think.

                        Thanks guys


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                          BMW Z3 2.8 Roadster Install

                          Well just found time to take a few more photos hope these are what your looking for.
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                            BMW Z3 2.8 Roadster Install

                            And the rest
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                              sweet car man. Envy here... how tall are you? How's the legroom? nicely done install