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02 Honda Accord se

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  • 02 Honda Accord se

    this is my first carputer and it's finaly DONE 3 weeks works. but as you can see in pic 2 i need to do some minor repair work . tell me what you think


    via MII 10000
    lilliput 7" 629
    pharo gps-360
    linksys pcmcia super g wireless
    amp emerson 4ch 800watt (i know it not the best brand but i got it for 100 buck)
    win xp
    midea engine 2.3
    iGuidence (gps software)

    well here are more pic's of the computer
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    looks really good, great job. You got any more pics, close ups of the screen and the computer? also is that the dvd drive to the left of the sreeen?
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      Very Nice!
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      Carputer Specs:
      Via M10K
      512mb Ram
      60GB HDD
      Souund Blaster Audigy2 NX
      OPUS ITX PC Case


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        will post more pic asap but my camera is not the best so bare with me here
        oh and no that is not the dvd it a stinking crack that developed. will be fixing that this weekend.


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          only three weeks? I wish mine was done that fast. Good job! the dash is very clean.
          Is this where the witty comment goes?
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            Looks nice. What color paint did you use on the dash?
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              Great work terrormav. I have the exact same mobo, hdd and monitor in the same car set up the same way except I gutted the factory radio to house everything. Yeah what did you use to paint it? I used primer and Duplicolor's Bumper Coating from the auto store. I was debating on using trim paint.
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                nice install!


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                  well i just used a gray prime and a flat black.. the texture is not quite the same but close...


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                    nice, saw this on v6performance...great job
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